UVa College Republicans Reject ‘Unite the Right’ Hate

In a proactive statement that was issued before the violence and deaths that were to occur during the weekend of August 12 and 13, University of Virginia’s College Republicans issued a statement on August 11, 2017, condemning the planned “Unite the Right” rally.

Their instinct was correct. They called out Nazism, white nationalists, and other hate groups who were planning to be in Charlottesville, unaware there would be a Friday night tiki torch march that would take marchers to the lawn around the University of Virginia’s Rotunda.

In the statement below, UVa College Republicans vowed to combat the vile beliefs, declaring that they would take an active role to show those at the rally that their hatred had no place on the grounds of the University of Virginia and surrounding community.

It took courage to be the first to call out what was about to happen to Charlottesville. They had no way of knowing the eyes of the world would turn to watch as the violence unfolded.

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