GOP Candidate in VA HoD-2 Withdraws From Race

Speaker William Howell issued a statement after the withdrawal of Republican candidate Laquan Austion from the House of Delegates race:

“Laquan Austion is withdrawing his candidacy for the Second House District effective today. We appreciate his willingness to run for office and serve. We have already started the process of recruiting a strong candidate that will give voters a clear choice in November.” 

Background: Richmond Times-Dispatch — Virginia House candidate’s LinkedIn lists college degrees he doesn’t have 

  • Chris

    He was going to stay in after the education stuff.

    What else happend?

    • Chad Parker

      According to the original RTD article, he was sued by a credit card company for non-payment of $1,300 in credit card bills in 2010. They dropped the suit when they couldn’t find him (he has moved to VA). He was also sued for non payment on a $7,000 car. They dropped the suit when they couldn’t find him (he had moved to VA).

      He seems like a shyster to me: manipulating the system and making off with goods, manipulating the system by lying about his education to boost his resume.

      It’s not a big stretch to think he may have also tried to manipulate the system and lied about his background in order to make himself more electable. . .I’m sure the oppo researchers found something else to discredit him.

  • James Young

    Ain’t Prince William County great? Here, a Republican who may have overstated his academic credentials is chased off of the ballot, while a Democrat whose credential is from a diploma mill gets his name put on a middle school, defenestrating a former Governor in the process!

    • MD Russ

      First, there is no such thing as a three-year leave of absence from a Ph.D program. If he hasn’t been enrolled at GWU since 2014 then he has effectively withdrawn without a degree, either masters or doctorate. Second, it is highly unlikely that he is “just shy of being designated ‘all but dissertation’.” Ph.D course work rarely can be completed in less than three years and not being a doctoral candidate means that, as a minimum, he has not submitted and received approval of his dissertation proposal. That is no simple task, esp. at GWU. It is a major undertaking equivalent to a masters thesis. BTW, “doctoral candidate” is the normal designation of someone preparing a dissertation. ABD refers to someone who has failed to defend their dissertation within the required timeframe, usually five years.

      He didn’t just overstate his academic credentials. He is a fraud.

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