Northam’s All-In!

Ralph Northam, who hasn’t really released any policy initiatives, is now ready to go all-in. Well, finally!

Northam is releasing in his literature this phrase: “Opportunity for All Virginians.” Check it out:

Great phrase.

Who wouldn’t want that?

But wait…

Oh, I guess someone was saying that back in March.

Welcome to the campaign, Ralph.

  • Paddycakes

    Snark, Snark, Snark. What does this add to the conversation? A doctor who beleives in evidence based medicine Enron lobbyist. Good health care or burn more coal? A Virginia awash with guns and people being shot, or the people in hospitals to tend to them. Thank goodness we have achoice this election!

    • Thank goodness we have people who are willing to add to the conversation by having real names….

    • MD Russ

      Thank goodness we have candidates for office who support the entire Bill of Rights and not just the parts that they happen to agree with.

  • David Obermark

    While I am not enthralled with Northam, I am pretty certain I will end up voting for him come November. Why? The guy I liked, Wagner, did not win the Republican nomination.

    Now I am switching to defense with my vote. Were I to vote for Gillespie, with a Republican legislature he might fulfill some of the promises he made to win the nomination. If Northam is Governor, he will have to deal with a Republican legislature. Anything that is accomplished will have to come from compromise. My strategy is strong defense.

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