Closing statements, with Gillespie focusing on Virginia, Northam focusing on federal issues.

There is a question on the death penalty. Northan is against, Gillespie is for the death penalty. Gillespie pivots to the “sanctuary cities” and how he opposes them.



Gillespie asks Northam about his support Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The first Question is to Northam about Trump. Northam calls Trump a narcissistic maniac.


Bearing Drift is live and on location from the marvelous Omni Homestead Resort in Bath County, VA. We are here for the first debate between Republican nominee Ed Gillespie and Democratic nominee Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam.

This should be a spirited debate. I have spoken with Gillespie and Republican Governor’s Association staffers, who are exceedingly confident in their candidate. They have promised an exciting debate!

Please follow me @MattColtHall on Twitter to keep up with the debate. I will do my best to update this article throughout the day. The hastag is #vbadebate  and the debate is being livestreamed on PBS.

Thank you for choosing Bearing Drift for all your conservative media in Virginia!


  • Sandy Sanders

    Sorry Cliff Hyra was not there.

    • Downstater

      Oh get outta here, he is not a viable candidate.

      • Sandy Sanders

        Too early to tell that. Wonder what Jesse Ventura’s poll numbers were in late July 1998? Probably single digits. Hyra made the ballot and was a Virginia lawyer and it’s not right for the lawyers’ group to leave out one of their own.(I would say this group the VBA is voluntary not the mandatory Va State Bar).

  • Jim Portugul

    There is as yet no cleanser or soap available that will remove the Bush 43′ smell from ones hands. Ed Gillespie was counselor to Bush 43′ on how to destroy America. Now, Bush 43′ is throwing money at Gillespie’s campaign.

    Yes, Gillespie proposes a 10% personal income tax cut, but no, neither the Republican run Virginia House nor Senate will have any part of any such decrease. Tommy, Kirk, why are you hiding from the Gillespie’s proposals?

    If however Gillespie did propose and implement such a tax decrease? (No way) Well, Republicans Donald J. Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Rob Wittman, Dave Brat, all support the Trumpcare plan which will literally “inhale” any Gillespie tax decrease that would have put dollars in the middle-class pockets plus a whole lot more via increased healthcare costs. Ed Gillespie is teaming up with Donald J. Trump to tag team Virginia with increased healthcare costs for Virginia with Trumpcare.

    Just like this years Virginia state employee raises, wasn’t that just money for state employee’s to keep up with the increases in the cost of their healthcare?

  • mezurak

    What? They had a debate? Was it on live TV across the state? Is there a 30 second summary available? I would have watched but the A/C went out and I had to Retreat down to the local swimming hole. The snakes make lousy rabbit ears and I didn’t have a long enough extension cord long anyway.

  • David Obermark

    I have decided who I am going to vote for, it is Northam.

    Had Wagner won the nomination I would have voted for him.

    My fear is that Ed, armed with a Republican legislature, might be able to deliver on some of the promises he made to win the nomination. With Wagner I would not have had that fear, he might have been able to deliver.

    I am voting for Northam to keep the Republican legislature under control.

    I am encouraging Wagner to throw his hat in the ring for the US Senate. While we need him in Richmond, he would even better serve us if he was in Washington DC.

    In the mean time I challenge Mr Wagner to prove to Virginia citizens that he deserves their vote. You prove that you can not only provide leadership to your party, but you can get support from across the aisle to solve pressing problems. You get the HRBT expansion done without tolls.

    I have ideas on how you can obtain significant financing for the project. I am a Democrat. I am offering my help, all you have to do is reach out for it.

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