Vogel’s Fundraising Engine Still Hot

With the numbers just in for the short reporting period of June 2nd through June 30th, Republican Lt. Governor candidate Jill Vogel proves she can hit the campaign trail hard and not a miss a lick on raising the funds necessary to win Virginia in November.

Vogel raised $147K in a month, compared to her Democratic opponent Justin Fairfax who brought in $187K. Vogel, however, still continues to outraise him overall at $2.8 to his $2.3 million.   What’s really amazing is how many small donors have given to Vogel in the under $100.00 range, which bodes well for a Lt. Governor candidate. 

At the Caroline County Agricultural Fair last weekend, Vogel campaign workers made sure we were well stocked with collateral and the biggest banner at the Fair, while Vogel herself campaigned to thousands of people from sunup to sundown all over the Commonwealth. That included the Fauquier County Fair, and the Hanover Tomato Festival where she partnered up with Congressman Rob Wittman. 

Wittman reported that Vogel is an amazing and tireless campaigner whose interest in meeting and talking to people is equal to none. Vogel also took her children to the 100th anniversary of the Conicville Fireman’s Parade in the Shenandoah Valley, and rode in a small town parade in a classic convertible, belonging to her brother, with family and friends.   

Dare I say it? Vogel reminds me of another tireless and amazing campaigner — none other than one of the most successful campaigners in the history of the Commonwealth, Bill Bolling, whose picture is in the dictionary under “all politics are local.”

In fact, the pictures from that great little fireman’s parade and knee-deep with the cow at the Fair are classic Bolling who won the LG’s race not once, but twice. Déjà vu? Keep up the good work Jill! You look like a winner to me!