Adams Needs Financial Help

It’s hard to believe that with a name like “John Adams” that you’d have a problem with name ID. Of course, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, that could be a possibility.

In the latest report for June, John Adams, the Republican nominee for Virginia Attorney General raised $233k and ended up with just over $600k cash on hand, while the incumbent, Mark Herring, a Democrat, raised more than $500k and has more than $2.5m in the bank.

Camp Adams can’t be thrilled with the fundraising numbers from June…where he has had nothing but clear sailing since Del. Rob Bell announced his withdrawal from the race and Chuck Smith could not qualify to be on the ballot.

Adams raised $233,307 from June 2nd to June 30th while raising over $1.5 million total since he announced his campaign for attorney general. That’s more money than I’ll ever see, but the political consultants I know are saying that Adams needs to have a $400k per month pace in order to be competitive.


VPAP’s latest numbers show Herring with more than $2 million banked as of June 5 and Adams at just over $600k. New reports show for June show that Herring brought in $500k and spent under $100k. Adams brought in $250k and spent $160k.

In other words, Herring widened his gap to approx $2.5m to $700k.

That’s a pretty big gap for the GOP nominee.

I don’t know what it is. Adams has been the GOP nominee for awhile, is a solid conservative, and a vastly superior lawyer and candidate to Herring. Why are donors avoiding going all in?

At some point, Adams will need to pick up the fundraising to help get his message out. Hopefully, the summer reset and his establishment as the candidate will help get him the funding he needs to mount an effective campaign.

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