Tuesday’s Primary … Virginians to Vote for State, Local Candidates

With the eyes of the nation on Virginia, voters will go to the polls Tuesday to choose Republican and Democratic candidates for the November 7 ballot. In what some are calling a bellwether election, the two top statewide offices are up for grabs — Governor and Lieutenant Governor — while Attorney General will not be on the ballot because only one candidate emerged from each party: Republican John Adams and Democrat Mark Herring (incumbent).

All 100 House of Delegates seats will also be on the ballot. This year seven incumbents did not seek re-election: six Republicans (Mark Dudenhefer — District 2, Bill Howell — District 28, Dave Albo — District 42, Peter Farrell — District 56, Rick Morris — District 64, Jimmie Massie — District 72); and one Democrat (Daun Sessoms Hester –District 89).

Tuesday’s Republican and Democratic primaries are open to all registered voters who will cast their ballots at their regular voting precinct locations from 6:00am until 7:00pm. For more information, check the Virginia Department of Elections website including the location of your polling place.


Republican Primary Candidates

Ed Gillespie
Corey A. Stewart
Frank Wagner

Democratic Primary Candidates

Ralph Northam
Tom Perriello


Republican Primary Candidates

Glenn Davis
Bryce Reeves
Jill Vogel

Democratic Primary Candidates

Justin Fairfax
Susan Platt
Gene Rossi

In various cities and counties there are local races, such as supervisor or Commonwealth’s Attorney or Sheriff, on the ballot to determine the party nominees. Voter turnout, normally low for primaries because many are unaware of this step in the election process, could highlight emerging trends if Democrats are successful in energizing their supporters.

Tune in Tuesday night for results that will determine who will appear on November’s ballot.

  • David Obermark

    I am going to take the time out to vote. Although I am a Democrat I am going to participate Republican.

    My vote might surprise many since I have had such deep disagreements with the guy who gets my vote.

    My vote is going to be cast for Wagner. He is the only Republican capable of getting my vote against whoever the Dems end up nominating. As he has campaigned I think he is closest to the type candidate who deserves my vote.

    • Downstater

      This is why I am happy that we do not have party registration in Va. We should all have the freedom to vote for whomever regardless of party, without jumping through umpteen hoops to register and then re-register.

  • mezurak

    Maybe Virginia will set a new record for no shows. There’s no energy for either side.

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