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Mayor Mike Signer’s Capital of Chaos: Charlottesville City Hall

Under the “leadership” of Mayor Michael Signer [1], Charlottesville City Council meetings have devolved into chaotic scream-fests, laced with verbal and visual profanity — and crowned by defiance of the mayor’s procedural dictates [2].

Council’s June 5, 2017, meeting was the worst in a long line of descendingly lawless affairs. Racial “justice” groups [3] repeatedly interrupted the meeting with chanting, singing, humming, and cursing, while Signer repeatedly answered offenders with feckless whining, pleading, cajoling, and capitulation.

Under the mayor’s direction — and as he compared the unfurling chaos to that of an unruly schoolyard — Charlottesville police officers were designated “hall monitors,” embarrassingly enlisted to observe for decorum violations.

Resultingly, several “matters by the public” speakers with unpopular topics were unable to deliver their remarks unmolested by the cultural fascists in attendance.

In a pretentious, self-serving 2017 “State of the City [4]” address, the mayor congratulated himself on running more “effective” meetings:

We passed new governing procedures for our meeting. Among other benefits, we brought work sessions that were previously held off camera into the public eye, and we focused our agendas and deliberations on action, rather than just talk. Together, these steps have led to more engaging, efficient, and effective meetings. [emphasis added]

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But in the delusional world of Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer [5] — who fashions himself a modern-day James Madison [6]calls for lawlessness [7] and open defiance of established rules [8] are the order of the day. And chaos reigns supreme.

Watch anarchy erupting in Charlottesville City Hall (profanity warning).