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You Can’t Vote for Bryce Reeves

Just when you think the campaign for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor couldn’t get any nastier between state Senate colleagues Jill Vogel and Bryce Reeves, we get this:

Effectively, what Reeves is saying is that Vogel cannot be trusted to do the job of lieutenant governor because she thinks individuals of merit can be trusted to work in government without facing any discrimination.

Sexuality, like a whole myriad of other social topics, can devolve into negativity very quickly. But, as conservatives, our mindset regarding who is selected as a judge or a bureaucrat is based on finding the most capable, qualified, talented, and overall exceptional people to do the necessary job of limited governance. As a public, we should care less about their sexual orientation and more about them doing the job well.

Reeves, who up until about ten minutes ago was going to be the candidate I was going to endorse and vote for, just made a tremendously egregious mistake: he chose to play a game of identity politics that specifically limits opportunity (legitimate opportunity – not silly bathroom issues) to Americans who just want to serve their commonwealth.

In my view, that is an automatic disqualifier to be the governor’s stand-in and to preside over our Senate.

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