McAuliffe Flies Blind

Okay, the headline is a joke. In reality, we have seen the future and Governor Terry McAuliffe and our commonwealth’s government are doing great things leading us toward innovation.

Yesterday, Gov. McAuliffe flew in an unmanned drone.

Think about that.

Following a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new runway at Wallops Island ($5.8M) that will facilitate unmanned aircraft research and development, McAuliffe went A.I.S. (“ass in seat”)

The governor “boarded an Aurora Centaur, an optionally piloted aircraft that can be operated remotely from a ground control station, and flew in the plane over Wallops Island.”

Forgive my morbid convulsions of Ralph Northam suddenly becoming governor yesterday.

That said, how cool is that! The reality is that we do need to innovate and while most free marketeers cringe at a government nudge, sometimes that’s all it takes. And isn’t the government voted on by the free market to begin with? If we collectively agree that a few dollars might actually move our community in the right direction, doesn’t it make sense to spend it?

“According to a study completed by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the UAS industry is predicted to have a total economic impact in Virginia of approximately $270M annually by the year 2020.”

Looks like a good investment.

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