Adams on Opioid Epidemic

John Adams, the presumptive Republican nominee for attorney general, is not campaigning on attacking his Democratic opponent but is already putting out ads that show his commitment to being a good public servant.

Check out Adams’ ad on the Opioid epidemic and his plan:

Adams says that the opioid crisis is the number one legal issue facing our commonwealth today. And he makes a clear distinction between how we should legally treat the addict and the pushers.

Very strong and compelling ad from Adams.

  • FrankUnderwoodSr

    Adams is right that the opioid epidemic is extremely serious. I like him and I’ll support him. But his ad reads like it came straight out of the eighties.

    He doesn’t acknowledge the root cause of today’s problem. It isn’t just evil drug dealers that need to be locked up. It is the medical profession that has created 80% of the heroin addicts who are dying in Virginia. 80% of dead heroin addicts became addicted to heroin through abuse of legally prescribed opioids for chronic pain (percoset, fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycontin, demerol, delaudid, and on and on) . This over prescription by the medical profession has created a generation of addicts who eventually move to cheaper, and more readily available heroin after they are finally cut off by their doctors.

    It is a horrific story that isn’t fully appreciated yet. Not as simple as locking up heroin dealers. We have to do something about all the well-intentioned pushers in white coats. What is the attorney general going to do about that?

    • I agree and the dealers are most often addicts too. This has become a very, very, serious problem across the nation.

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