Score: Ready to Rumble

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee says that congressional town halls have now become an excuse to riot. Not discuss issues, or engage in debate (or listen). Rather, he points to the town hall Rep. Brat had in Chesterfield county earlier this week, which he says became a forum for malcontents. Then there was Rep. Garrett’s town hall, which resulted in a death threat against the congressman. Scott says the blame can be laid at those who charge that a GOP effort to repeal Obamacare will “kill people.” What the nation really needs is a good, long vacation from itself. It’s at least 30 years overdue…

Scott then takes Arlington’s school board to task for joining an amicus brief in the never-ending bathroom lawsuit between Gavin Grimm and the Gloucester county school board. Scott says it’s a “political statement,” not a rational policy disagreement. X and Y chromosomes are political constructs, it seems.

And MTV (remember that?). Scott thinks the long ago music channel is now “garbage,” based on the content of its most recent movie awards show. Rep. Maxine Waters was given a shout out from the stage, being called “an extraordinary example for all of us, especially in these times.” Scott rolls the tape on Waters, which tells us what sort of example she really is (hint: hilariously incoherent).

Scott then takes a look at driver’s education. Virginia has now added a section to on how to deal with law enforcement. Scott isn’t a fan of the new mandatory program, though he gets the premise. Body cameras and Fourth Amendment stickers for everyone!

And the most demanding job of all…Happy Mothers Day!

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