Tom Perriello Can’t Answer Questions On Coal In Coal Country

It’s primary season in Virginia. While it can be somewhat entertaining to watch as Republicans beat each other bloody, sometimes it is necessary to check out our opponents. This year Democrats are having their own Sharks and Jets routine going on in the gubernatorial race. It was supposed to be smooth, easy sailing for the low-key Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, a genteel pediatric neurologist who had the endorsements, the money, and grassroots support locked up.

Enter, stage left — and by left I mean so far left that he’s flip-flopped on previously-held issues and embraced the left’s agenda — former 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello.

Tom Perriello left the State Department to come back to Virginia and run for Governor. Ralph thought everything was okay. Then socialist darling Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed “Tom Perioli” (he meant Perriello). That was followed by the endorsement of John Podesta, campaign chair for Hillary Clinton. Then came poll numbers that showed them in a dead heat for the Democratic nomination. Then came George Soros’ money, with some additional help, to the tune of $2.2 million. It’s a dead heat in this race.

So last week Tom Perriello decided to campaign in Southwest Virginia. While I usually applaud candidates for campaigning there, the former Congressman appeared to be so tone-deaf and so unaware of the needs of that part of the Commonwealth that it wouldn’t bother me if he never went back.

Here’s a video:

Mental health professionals for clean energy? Not mentioning coal?

While I’m all for funding the medical needs of Southwest Virginia (without Medicaid expansion), how in the world is that what we need? We need jobs, real jobs that pay real money. We need engineers, welders, mechanics, and more importantly, we need business people who can create jobs in the area. Most of all, we need to revitalize the coal industry to provide good paying jobs to all of Southwest Virginia.

In addition, we need to revitalize the coal industry to provide good-paying jobs. Why can’t the Congressman answer the question on coal? Is it because he voted for the Cap and Trade legislation while in the House, which killed thousands of coal jobs? Is it because George Soros told him he couldn’t talk about coal, lest he wouldn’t give Mr. Perriello any money? Or did Bernie make him promise that he had to denounce coal to get his endorsement?

No matter the excuse, it’s incredibly tone-deaf to not mention coal in Southwest Virginia. It’s like being a presidential candidate and not mentioning corn in Iowa. Coal mining is a way of life, not just a campaign soundbite. Coal doesn’t provide jobs for just the miners, it provides jobs for everyone. Coal miners need to buy groceries, buy clothes, and buy homes. These are issues that can determine if someone is able to send their child to college, provide a better life for their children, or just simply put food on the table.

This is something that should be considered a disqualification of Mr. Perriello. If he can’t talk about bringing jobs to Southwest Virginia, he has no business being the Governor of Virginia.