VPOD: Milde, Thomas & Stimpson – Republican House of Delegates Preview – 28th District

When I interviewed Speaker William Howell for VPOD earlier this year, I don’t think anyone was anticipating that the three-decade public servant was getting ready to step down. Certainly not after his most recent nomination contest with Susan Stimpson just two years ago. Yet, there were rumors. And, despite the speaker continuing to vigorously defend conservative principles this session, he has decided that now is the time to ride off into the sunset.

As you could expect, his retirement has generated some interest from possible successors. Throwing their hat in the ring for the Republican nomination are three Stafford County Supervisors – two current and one former.

Paul Milde was the first to announce, just a day after Howell confirmed his retirement. Milde, has been a supervisor representing Aquia for twelve years.

Bob Thomas was shortly thereafter and has represented the George Washington district since 2012.

And, waiting until just before the filing deadline, Susan Stimpson, also became a candidate. She served on the Board of Supervisors from 2010-2014.

All of these candidates know each other well, as you can imagine, having served on the board together. And, to this point, it seems like the primary contest that will be decided June 13 has been largely cordial.

In this podcast, which you could almost call a forum, I ask each candidate to discuss their backgrounds and motivations and we also talk about the political landscape in Stafford/Fredericksburg and what they hope to accomplish, particularly as a freshman delegate succeeding someone who has been legislating in the General Assembly since 1988. We did not discuss their opponents.

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