The Score: Cutting budgets, and cutting taxes

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee takes up his black Sharpie and addresses the President’s budget — because he finds it wanting. Not that it suggests cuts to several agencies, departments, and so on. But because it fails to cut government enough. It moves in some of the right directions, he thinks. But there is far more work to do. Scott also says those bemoaning the Trump budget, what Nancy Pelosi calls the “deconstruction of government,” are “freaking out” for no good reason. The budget is likely dead before it had much of a chance to live, so the cuts, and deconstruction, will have to wait for another day.

Scott then moves on to the EPA, which he believes is one of the greatest threats to personal liberty. Scott’s all for the 30-odd percent proposed cut in its budget, and takes issue with remarks Rep. Don Beyer, who credited falling cancer rates to the EPA. Suffice to say, Scott disagrees, even more with Beyer’s contention that the GOP is out to destroy the government, and that the new EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is the new face of this great evil. Somewhere, James Watt smiles.

Then it’s on to taxes. Specifically, Ed Gillespie’s proposal to cut Virginia’s personal income tax rates, coupled with a second proposal from Corey Stewart. Scott says the good news is there are “two people running for governor who want to cut taxes.” And in recent Virginia political history, that is something of a rarity. Scott takes issue with the big “if” in Gillespie’s tax plan — that the cuts would not occur if state revenues cannot sustain it.

Overall, Scott believes the plan is well-considered, and has other good aspects to it. As to Mr. Stewart’s plan, Scott sees some good issues, as well. But also notes the jabs Stewart throws at Gillespie’s plan. But Scott does think it’s good to see Republicans arguing over who can cut taxes more.

Scott then drops in on Democratic gubernatorial contender Tom Perriello, who has been staging town hall meetings around the commonwealth. Mr. Perriello says the energy, and possibly the election day mojo, is on the side of Democrats. Scott fundamentally disagrees. I think Mr. P. might possibly be on to something.

And March Madness…it’s the great escape. Enjoy it while you can, because, for now, it’s still largely politics-free.

Until then…

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