The GOP Punts on Health Insurance

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee wonders what would happen if women really went on strike (hint: the world would come to a grinding halt). And some women did go on strike last week, causing some disruption. Scott addresses the political movement behind this event, and finds it was less about women, per se, and more about liberal pieties.

And the week’s political narrative was roiled by the introduction of a GOP health reform bill. Scott says reform is not complicated — or at least it wasn’t until government got involved, and changed the nature of health insurance (no longer there to guard against catastrophic, future costs, but to cover any, and all costs, now and in the future). The GOP alternative? Scott is not a fan, as it does violence to both markets, the proper role of insurance, and much else.

Later, Scott and I talk about football (where art thou Tony Romo?) and the enormous gift Paul Ryna gave to Tom Perriello this week in the form of his health insurance plan (discussed further here in my Washington Post column). The big issue is what Virginia Republicans, 0-7 in recent statewide elections, including those mythical low turnout, off-year contests, are going to do to fight the energy on the left? So far, it appears to be a thoroughly researched, deeply staffed, and absolutely committed effort to win the last (lost) war.

Then there was the incident that had some tongues wagging…the arrest of Sen. Kaine’s son at an anti-Trump protest in Minnesota. Kaine the younger didn’t go quietly, but Scott is more concerned about the blithe response of the Senator to his son’s actions.

Take it away, Paul…

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