The Score: Brave New Worlds, Same Nonsense

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee takes issue with NASA’s announcement that a nearby star may have seven, Earth size planets, some of which could harbor life. We wonders if those other worlds have to endure the same nonsense we do here at home. To wit: the President wanders back into the bathroom politics issue, and all hell breaks loose. Or at least it does on “The View.”

Next up: the Governor vetoes the Tebow bill (to the surprise of no one). It prompts Scott to discuss the hostility some have toward homeschoolers…and leads him into the netherworld of the Bearing Drift comment section.

Then, Scott does his own version of a fisking (remember those?), in this case, on an article he found in which the author tells the world why he is a Democrat. This slides into visit to some town hall meetings various congressional worthies are staging around the country. The one Scott highlights features a seven year-old child who puts a premium on PBS Kids, rather than the President’s all-encompasing wall.

Plus: triggering billboards in North Carolina, the Governor gets his wrist slapped, and home-made slime (which is the thing du jour).

And just in case Scott wants to check out those newly discovered planets…

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