The Score: La Resistance

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee and I talk about the latest polling data showing the Democrats in a dead heat, and Ed Gillespie leading the GOP field. But the numbers that matter: either of the Democrats beats any of the Republicans in a head-to-head contest. The statewide GOP brand has problems, still, in the commonwealth. But the bigger issues, for 2017 and beyond, is the test of the Democratic message which is…Resistance. Full throated, and not a little bit angry. I wrote about it in my Washington Post column, and features a bit from Sen. Tim Kaine:

“What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” he said.

“[A]nd now there’s the momentum to be able to do this. And we’re not afraid of the popular outcry, we’re energized by it and that’s going to help us do our job and do it better,” Kaine said.

Did you find something familiar in the senator’s response?

He was channeling Winston Churchill’s famous “we shall fight on the beaches” speech.

Putting aside a sitting U.S. senator calling for fighting in the streets, Kaine clearly sees the contest between Democrats and Trump (with the rest of the GOP playing bit parts, at best) as a Churchillian struggle between liberal democracy and tyranny.

Is this a successful message? We’ll know in November (or possibly June, depending on how fast, or if, Ralph Northam gets with the program).

Then, Scott talks with the VCDL’s Phil Van Cleave about the fate of various Second Amendment bills in the General Assembly. The batch that sought more gun control all failed. Van Cleave thinks there are some important bills — 15 or so — advancing gun rights, and will be on the way to Gov. McAuliffe’s desk. We’ll see how the Governor responds.

And then it’s time for the clips. First up, Sen. Kaine’s soliloquy against recently confirmed EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. It’s a strawman’s delight. Next up: Tom Perriello, a Democratic contender for governor. Yes, Mr. Perriello talks about “resistance.” And a whole bunch of other things, including free stuff.

Later, Democrats are intent on building their own version of the tea party, specifically, “Indivisible.” Perhaps they aimed to drink from the well of the old Weatherman Mark Rudd. Instead, they come across more like this…

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