(Updated) Perriello Equates Trump Administration to 9/11

Update 2:40 pm:

The misguided tweets of President Donald Trump have become a parody in and of itself. However, two wrongs certainly do not make a right.

In a recent appearance by Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, Tom Perriello, he compares Trump’s election to 9/11.

“The election of Donald Trump is a little bit like a political and constitutional September 11 for us, to be honest.”

Perriello was at a meet and greet in Afton this past Friday purportedly to “thank him” for his opposition to pipelines in Virginia.

If we’re looking for the hyperbole to stop, this probably is not a way to do it. And it’s certainly not participating in the ever fading “Virginia way.”

Let’s be honest, folks: This administration has had some success, like putting a pause on the Affordable Care Act penalties and nominating Judge Gorsuch, but there have been clearly some missteps (which have been thoroughly covered by the national media). That said, I would hardly characterize the landslide electoral victory as a moral equivalency of losing the lives of more than 3,000 Americans in the most devastating act of terrorism in our history.

Reel it in, Tom.

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