The Schilling Show

Violent Leftists Disrupt Corey Stewart Press Event

A Charlottesville press conference scheduled by Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart, devolved into chaos Saturday, as dozens of predominantly white, “black lives matter” fascists shut down Stewart’s remarks before he had a chance to deliver them.

The event, co-hosted by black social media activist, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander, was intended to rally against Charlottesville City Council’s efforts to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Park.

However, prior to Stewart’s arrival, Occupiers and Organizers—convened by social justice dissident David Swanson and City Councilor Kristin Szakos via social media—began a loud and sometimes-violent counter-protest.

On-site ringleader, Joe Starsia, directed a powered bullhorn just inches from the ears of Stewart and other targeted statue supporters, as Starsia led nearly forty minutes of nonstop chanting: “hey, hey, ho, ho, white supremacy’s got to go.”

Several of the assembled fascists repeatedly elbowed and jostled those gathered to hear Stewart address the crowd; a number of these skirmishes nearly erupted into physical violence. Meanwhile Stewart was pursued throughout the park by the screaming crowd.

Surprisingly, the Charlottesville Police Department (CPD) initially were not present for the event and did not arrive until a 911 call reporting “violence” in the park, at least 30 minutes into the melee. Upon arrival, several officers watched the mayhem transpire from a safe distance—stationing themselves near a corner bus stop across Market Street, while the leftist taunting and physical intimidation continued in the park.

A female fascist was witnessed grabbing from his hand and absconding with blogger Jason Kessler’s cell phone. The device was quickly and forcefully retrieved by a third-party and returned to its owner. Kessler’s later complaint and report of the robbery to on-site CPD officer Saunders was met with shrugs and questions about what Kessler did to “make her want to take your phone.” Saunders then approached the violator and advised her that she would not face charges for the phone incident, later asking if the female perpetrator would like to press charges against Kessler.

The event ended long after Mr. Stewart had left Lee Park, with the occupiers eventually retreating amidst threats of legal charges from the assaulted.

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