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Violent Leftists Disrupt Corey Stewart Press Event

A Charlottesville press conference scheduled by Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart, devolved into chaos Saturday, as dozens of predominantly white, “black lives matter” fascists shut down Stewart’s remarks before he had a chance to deliver them.

The event, co-hosted by black social media activist, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander, was intended to rally against Charlottesville City Council’s efforts to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Park.

However, prior to Stewart’s arrival, Occupiers and Organizers—convened by social justice dissident David Swanson and City Councilor Kristin Szakos via social media—began a loud and sometimes-violent counter-protest.

On-site ringleader, Joe Starsia, directed a powered bullhorn just inches from the ears of Stewart and other targeted statue supporters, as Starsia led nearly forty minutes of nonstop chanting: “hey, hey, ho, ho, white supremacy’s got to go.”

Several of the assembled fascists repeatedly elbowed and jostled those gathered to hear Stewart address the crowd; a number of these skirmishes nearly erupted into physical violence. Meanwhile Stewart was pursued throughout the park by the screaming crowd.

Surprisingly, the Charlottesville Police Department (CPD) initially were not present for the event and did not arrive until a 911 call reporting “violence” in the park, at least 30 minutes into the melee. Upon arrival, several officers watched the mayhem transpire from a safe distance—stationing themselves near a corner bus stop across Market Street, while the leftist taunting and physical intimidation continued in the park.

A female fascist was witnessed grabbing from his hand and absconding with blogger Jason Kessler’s cell phone. The device was quickly and forcefully retrieved by a third-party and returned to its owner. Kessler’s later complaint and report of the robbery to on-site CPD officer Saunders was met with shrugs and questions about what Kessler did to “make her want to take your phone.” Saunders then approached the violator and advised her that she would not face charges for the phone incident, later asking if the female perpetrator would like to press charges against Kessler.

The event ended long after Mr. Stewart had left Lee Park, with the occupiers eventually retreating amidst threats of legal charges from the assaulted.

See exclusive video of the Red Scare Lee Park protest:

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  • old_redneck

    Seven years ago, I — a liberal Democrat — attempted at a Rob Wittman town hall meeting to ask a question. I didn’t shout, didn’t have a bullhorn, didn’t have a sign, didn’t interrupt anyone or grab anything. I was by myself, at my own expense, not paid by George Soros as you rightwingdingers are wont to claim. I simply raised my hand, was acknowledged, and stood up. As I started to ask my question, the Tea Party lynch mob that had overwhelmed the meeting shouted me down, including one man sitting behind me who grabbed my shirt and tried to force me to sit down.

    So — for you snowflakes now complaining about getting huge doses of your own medicine, all I can say is: Suck it up, buttercups, suck it up.

    Stewart has made his political career on denouncing, belittling, attacking, name-calling. I recall something about sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind.

    • Craig Scott

      Sorry you went through that, it was not right and it was not constructive, as it is now with Corey Stewart’s event or any other peaceful assembly.

      • efs 1066

        the problem is that tea party invented this type of political interaction and proved that it is effective. they also showed that they are willing and eager to behave disruptively. are you actually claiming that the GOP won’t ever behave badly in the future? so, no, you don’t get to say ‘stop’ because it feels bad when you are on the receiving end. it works, YOUR party showed that, so that’s the way we all play now.

        YOU spoil for a gunfight, so i’m not stupid enough to just bring a knife anymore.

        corey stewart is everything wrong with modern GOP. you guys have lost the plot. you have gone from a party i mostly disagreed with (but a necessary and much needed foil to dems) to a group of people that are just repellant. all the ‘you lost!’ and seriously over-aggressive rhetoric AFTER you won – is just … contemptible and foul. yes, i blame the GOP for the ‘delicious liberal tears’ and ‘snowflake’ bullshit. years of allowing your party to lower itself again and again: 2017 is the result.

        (dems suck in their own unique way. i’ll get to them, and they should worry about their own abject failures.)

        if you can’t figure out why this election – why trump – is different (from bush2, bush1, reagan … all no huge protests) and feels like a dangerous change to the safety and rights of women, LGBTQ, people of color, etc. then you are either lying to yourself or are actually mentally lacking. i DID give trump a chance after nov 9 and said often and clearly that some of the stuff he said would be really positive. he proved to be even worse that i feared. that isn’t being a ‘snowflake’; it is having eyes.

        don’t EVER wonder why our country is ripped apart, why the left is truly repulsed by the foulness of the modern right, not just in disagreement in policy. the GOP did this, changed the words and played to fear instead of our strengths as a country, embraced racists and bigots as their base, are sore winners (wtaf), and are, it seems, fundamentally corrupt.

        and yeah, soros pays me a shedload. this post right here is a just another cool $10k into my swiss bank account.

        • Craig Scott

          Organized mobs go back to ancient Rome, certainly earlier, serving, and created by their various masters over the centuries, nothing new here. I have no dog in this fight as a classical liberal / libertarian. I will say this, I commend Trump for his speech at the RNC involving the LGBTQ communities and getting applauded, a very nice change indeed. This was a first for any national Republican figure to my knowledge.

          • efs 1066

            the ‘various masters’ being soros, here? and you are mistaken: the tea party WAS a new way to politic. disruption was their key. not protests, just mucking things up.

            yes, you should believe what trump says. his words are always true.

            in NH during the campaign, he called for more treatment of drug users instead of prison, and better access to overdose meds. just this week he issued three EOs to wage a ‘ruthless’ war against drugs – including users.

            I’m sure the LGBTQ folks should count on his words.

            good luck with that.

  • efs 1066

    this is violence? are you a tween girl that exaggerates to create fake outrage and drama? oh, yes, buried in the actual writing is ‘near violence.’

    you guys are so chickenshit. i’m female and your level of fear is just amazing. everything is scary, ‘i feared for my safety’ is the GOP’s call to arms. why is the modern GOP so afraid of their own shadow? i mean it. i served two tours (iraq and afghanistan, then four years stationed in germany and back to qatar) and i come home to find the entire republican party now afraid of imaginary bullshit.

    ‘leftist taunting and physical intimidation’ some soccer moms got in your way and (let me guess) you ‘feared for your safety.’ you DO realize that you are parroting the left’s bs of micro aggressions and safe space crap, yes? this is basically a version of some college girl crying ‘if you feel offended, then the remark WAS offensive’ (whether it was or not).

    now you guys are all ‘if i felt unsafe, then they were threatening.’ no. for god’s sake, you are adopting the WORST of the liberal college crap.

    i clicked on this site because i’m trying to figure out what the modern right values. from this article and general recent events, the modern GOP is, apparently (and correct me if i’m wrong), now all about making up fake massacres, ‘alternative facts’, lying clickbait headlines, constant clutching of pearls over ‘violent leftists’ who weren’t violent, declaring protesters fascists (i thought libtards are commies?) … for god’s sake, what is the point? just to throw red meat at your rabid base?

    did you think someone not already voting for #maga would read this and think, ‘well that seems like a fair accounting of an event’?

    i’m serious, explain why this article is written this way, how choosing these words and lying about supposed violence and then name calling … how does all of that help this country? never mind whatever your ideological agenda, how does this sort of article help our COUNTRY move forward?

    i want to know: what the fuck was i fighting for?

    • Leon Wilkeson

      Before you mentioned it, I could already tell that you don’t read Bearing Drift. If you did, you’d know that no one gets a free pass, least of all Donald Trump.
      I don’t know Mr. Schilling, and really can’t say what his motivations are, nor did I really watch all of the videos.

      I did, however, watch a couple and have a few questions for you as a result:
      A) Were you there?
      B) If so, would you mind identifying yourself by video and time?

      That harem of charming vixens has me considering switching sides just for the ladies. Your exceedingly delicate, indeed dainty, manner of writing makes me think you’d be an excellent candidate for a traditionally wholesome courtship.
      This BD comment section diatribe might turn out to be the single-most serendipitous thing you’ve done in your life. So what do you say? Give love a chance?

      • efs 1066

        no, i wasn’t there. i haven’t been fitted for a new prosthetic yet, so my mobility is limited for now. that said, i’m not really a protester type so unlikely to go anyway.

        yes, i swear. pissed off adults do that.

        i’m pissed because i spent eight years fighting in the middle east, four more years working in qatar and germany in second line intelligence group. i’m pissed because this rhetoric is dangerous and stupid.

        this has nothing to do with trump. i said directly that i object to the rhetoric, no matter the ideology or agenda. pay attention.

        in the meantime, try to shame me for not being a delicate enough flower to flatter your fragile manliness. try to denigrate me because i am pissed that you and the GOP are actually TRYING to infect others with your shallow, bigoted, nasty rhetoric.

        i don’t like what you’ve done with the place since i’ve been away. (is that girly enough for you?)

        you still haven’t said how writing like in this article with overly incendiary words helps our country. maybe because you were too busy fanning your face in mock horror bc someone is seriously angry that the right seems to be ACTIVELY trying to foment hatred and is a smidge peeved at the premise and stupidity. ( i’ve been gone almost 12 years. i’ve never been political and didn’t catch the seachange in how the right was now framing their message.)

        save your sarcasm. i loved our country because of our strengths and now your GOP wants to rip it apart by playing on and amplifying our weaknesses, trying to make us hate instead of unify. this article and the frothing outrage it is trying so hard to drum up is ignorant of how propaganda works, of the rabid mob it creates, of what happens in countries where ignorance is lauded and people are fed gagging amounts of emotionally charged bullshit. i fought for this country and now i wonder why.

        i don’t like your vision of america, filled with nasty people like yourself. snide, ignorant, gleeful at the divide. that isn’t a society worth fighting for.

        still waiting on that explanation of how articles like this help US and our COUNTRY move forward.

        • Conservative

          It’s telling that you chose this specific word – bigoted, when writing your response.

          • efs 1066

            i don’t get it. are you saying GOP isn’t bigoted? that seems like, to me, a now-institutionalized part of their platform.

            i don’t get your point.

            as long as you are here, can YOU explain why an article with such incendiary rhetoric and name calling helps our country?

            no one will answer that.

          • Conservative

            Lefty, I don’t even feel the need to debate you on whether the GOP is bigoted. But by all means keep claiming they are, in fact, keep pushing the whole SJW narrative, it’s obviously winning you a lot of election victories.

            The only thing dumber than spending time and energy trying to win an election that’s already over is trying to lose it.

          • efs 1066

            still waiting for someone to explain why using disingenuous and incendiary verbiage helps our country.

            there is no debate whether the GOP is bigoted. i’m originally from wisconsin and just by my completely guessing rough estimate is that even half the ‘lefties’ are bigots and flat out racist. my dad was absolutely racist but his best friend was black.

            if it makes you feel better, i’m bigoted against people with tattoos. i know i shouldn’t be, and i try not to make decisions using that gut feeling, but yeah, my instinct is that people with tattoos are trashy and dirty. i know they’re not but there it is anyway.

            can we get back to my question?

            you still won’t answer my question: how do articles like this help our country move forward?

    • CJ

      yea. i was there as an observer.

      the only physical contact being made was by stewarts people.

      • efs 1066

        thank you for the extra information. truly.

        • JC

          I would share the footage and photo’s i took that day, unfortunately they’re the property of my employer

  • Sbn

    Yeah, have to agree w the consensus here. A lot of “snowflake” ( I hate that term) worthy hyperbole and hysteria in this piece.

    Have to give you credit though, you did make valiant attempt to get all the right words in there: fascist, activist, dissident, screaming and violence violence violence. So was it “sometimes violent” or did it nearly erupt into physical violence? Was the bullhorn inches from his ear or feet from his ear? I’m sure it was annoying as hell but words mean things and while there was an ample amount of ridiculous sing song chanting, screaming, notsomuch.

    I do have to ask, is that the same obnoxious megaphone that Mr Stewart was using a couple months ago in an effort to rally his cause? Wonder if he realized just how annoying those things can be…..

    • efs 1066

      thank you for this.

      i was really wondering if i was the only one wonder ‘what the holy hell is wrong with this writer’? i dislike the snowflake thing but the pearl-clutching in this article shows why it is continues to be a ‘thing.’ my personal objection is that it is used by trump voters to, apparently, try to shame people. conversely, those same people seem awfully fragile to news they don’t like.

      ‘violent leftists’ who weren’t violent. smh

      thank you again for chiming in. i’ve been out of the loop for a while and this honestly seems disorienting.

    • MD Russ

      Good point. Antics just like these are precisely what got Stewart fired as the Virginia director for the Trump campaign. As for the weeping and wailing about the C’ville cops doing nothing, I have yet to see in my lifetime cops who were overly sympathetic towards left-wing protesters, esp. college town cops. Methinks the lady (Rob) doth protest too much.

  • old_redneck

    I realize the following is off-topic, but, here it goes.

    The so-called president held a dinner at his Mar-A-Largo estate in Florida over the weekend, honoring the Japanese Prime Minister. Two things have come from this meeting.

    1. NKorea launched a ballistic missile. The so-called president was informed during the dinner. His National Security Adviser — Mike Flynn — and a couple of other senior officials read classified messages in the room with the rest of the diners, using the lights from the cell-phone cameras to illuminate the messages. They then made phone calls back to DC with dinner guests listening in.

    2. A military officer follows the president, carrying a briefcase with nuclear release codes. Now we find out that guests at Mar-A-Largo posed for photos with the guy, holding the “nuclear football,” posting the photos on their Facebook pages.

    Had this happened under President Obama, you people and that crowd of halfwits over at the Bullshitting Elephant would already have a formed a lynch mob in front of the White House. But this is Trump. And the reaction from the right is a big yawn. Oh, wait, we really have to be concerned about Corey Stewart’s tender feelings.

    Now I understand.

    • Conservative


      Where were you when N Korea launched previous ballistic missiles under Obama’s Presidency.

      Where was your ire when Obama’s people were literally caught hiring prostitutes while they were supposed to be guarding the President.

      I bet you weren’t that upset about it at that time.

      • efs 1066

        i think you are missing old_redneck’s point of the atrociously casual security handling of at least sensitive (really, ‘classified’ given the subject) information. the point wasn’t, i think, that n korea is acting like n korea.

        not for nothing, the hooker hirers were secret service. the are under DHS, not the WH. but DEA was the worst offender (they are also under DHS).

        they weren’t ‘obama’s people’ as in his appointees. they were career federal workers. (the politico article says one DEA guy said it is just part of the ‘culture’ in that group. yowza.)

        accuracy isn’t just for playing darts and horseshoes.

    • CJ

      OMG could you imagine the GOP outrage if Obama had praised Putin and said the US & Russia were moral equivalents?

    • Turtles Run
  • Chris

    So we’re down to two whiny articles about leftists per week and a smattering of coverage of the legislative session.

    • You forgot about the Trump posts.

      • Chris

        Let me go count them.

        Sessions on Feb 9.
        Sanctuary cities on Feb 7.
        EOs on Feb 1.
        Yates on Jan 31.
        Inauguration on Jan 20.

        No other Trump posts on the front page.

        Barely better than one per week.

        It almost feels as if Bearing Drift doesn’t want to write about Trump.

        • Well, to be fair, we prefer Virginia politics to national. Everybody is writing about Trump. Not everybody is writing about Richmond.

  • Jerel C. Wilmore

    You left out one video:

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  • old_redneck

    I’m certain you folks will not be interested in this comment . . . after all, we really do need to worry about Corey Stewart’s tender feelings.

    In an explosive report by the New York Times, it was revealed that that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign were repeatedly in contact with Russian intelligence officials in the year preceding the election.

    According to U.S. intelligence sources, communications between Trump operatives and the Russians were discovered when they looking into the hacking on the Democratic National Committee. The intelligence agencies sought to find out whether the Trump campaign working with the Russians in regard to the hacking.

    Intelligence officials said the intercepted communications not only included Trump campaign officials, but also other associates of the now newly-elected president. The Russians contacted included members of the Russian government outside of the intelligence services, the officials said.

    The bombshell report comes as the Trump administration is still reeling over the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn over contacts with the Russians — which he then lied about.

    You can read the whole report here.

  • old_redneck

    Why is the Lovettsville Lady attacking Corey Stewart?

    Maybe she was one of the “violent leftists” shouting at poor ol’ Corey — you think?

  • David Jackson

    It is absolutely amazing that you would hone in on some simple little issue that would never have any consequence and completely ignore the unfathomable damage this freak in the past administration has foisted on this country and it citizens. Are you completely ignorant. Both he and Hilary are justifiably traitors. Her offenses are so numerous that only the village idiot would not be aware of them. Both are crooks and liars. Obama continues his anti American tirade along with his wife. Obama letting out criminals when he left office is one more example of his disdain for the America people. And who will ever forget the Benghazi lies. Please you dimwit.

  • David Jackson

    I know all someone has to do is grab the football and run or push a button. How dumb can you guys be? There is so many things that have to occur that nothing would happen. It is their only in the event that all of the rest of the security protocol would have to be in place. Even the president ozone can not make that happen. You people have too much time on your hands.

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