The Score: Bernie and Ted and Betsy and Sean (Plus Posters)

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee revisits the debate between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Scott focuses on a question from a small business owner, who cannot expand her business, and hire more people, because doing so would force her to provide health insurance. The answers, from both Bernie and later Cruz, fall along predictable lines. Scott suggests more freedom for individuals to manage their own health insurance, including the ability to “hire and fire” insurance companies should they no longer provide adequate service, is a big part of the answer.

On a side note…Scott: insurance companies may not be in the same league of evil as say, cable companies. But they will never, ever, be confused for angels.

Scott then turns to Planned Parenthood, which is again the object of a defunding effort in the General Assembly. Scott is all for the idea. Others aren’t so keen on the idea. And the cycle repeats. Scott rolls the tape on Planned Parenthood and whether their offices provide pre-natal care. According to the ad, the organizations provides no such care, only abortions. So take your ideas about planning and health elsewhere.

The House also passed a version of a religious freedom bill that has some up in arms. And this cycle repeats, too.

Scott turns to education next, exulting over the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as education secretary, despite the opposition of both of Virginia’s senators. This leads him to a discussion of a poster that appeared at Yorktown High School. It says “facts are not political.” Unless they are political facts, of course. Then…”diversity strengthens us” (save for those who engage in badthink). And “science is real,” (of course) and “women’s rights are human rights.” (Martians go home). And “justice is for all.” Of course it is. And “we’re all immigrants” (true…I moved here from Colorado). And the pieties do not end there, to Scott’s chagrin.

And Sean Spicer…Scott picks up on something the presidential press secretary said that made Scott’s day. Which leads to a Scott Lee takedown of a Northern Virginia “resistance” group to the Trump presidency. They have taken to picketing Tim Kaine’s NoVa office…because Tim Kaine is not doing enough to oppose the new administration.

So much signaling…

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