The Score: 2017 Election is All About Trump

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee is talking about judges. As the power of the state has grown, so, too, has the power of judges. And because so many wish to expand the state’s power even further, Scott says, they prefer judges who will act accordingly. That broader point leads to Scott’s reaction to House minority leader’s reaction to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Suffice to say Mrs. Pelosi is not a fan of the Judge, because he’s against air, food, water, and probably rainbows.

Scott and I discuss the President’s executive order on immigration, which roiled the political landscape over the weekend, and could do so for some time. We discuss the Virginia political angle to the story, and who won and lost as the first wave of indignation rolled on shore. My conclusion? Tom Perriello, who has rapidly set himself as the face of the progressive resistance to Trump in the commonwealth. As for Republicans…the S.S. Gillespie once again flirted with an iceberg. Better make sure the wireless is up to snuff, guys.

There’s only one issue in the 2017 statewide races this year: Donald Trump. Those statewide campaigns not prepared for this are bound to be overwhelmed.

Scott delves deeper into the immigration executive order, and wonders about the particulars that have people standing on their chairs in fear and anger. Scott goes to the tape, and takes on (or apart, if you prefer) Gov. McAuliffe’s Dulles speech on the issue.

Plus, Sens. Warner and Kaine are committed to opposing education secretary Betsy DeVos. That should no be a surprise. But Scott does take the time to correct the state’s senior senator on the reasons why opposing DeVos is simply wrong.

And hate crimes.The General Assembly rejected a series of bills that would have made prosecuting hate crimes easier, and that greatly displeased Attorney General Mark Herring.

Take it away, Joe…

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