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POLL: Is The Vogel/Reeves Scandal Hurting Or Helping?

This morning’s Washington Post has yet another salacious episode in the Vogel/Reeves scandal [1], this time with a strongly worded letter from Elizabeth Locke — notable for representing a UVA associate dean involved in the Rolling Stone scandal — urging State Senator Jill Vogel to maintain her records in the event (but not the actuality) of a Reeves defamation suit.

Of course, it has been a quiet week since I first issued the warning shot [2], and the post was arguably the winner of the week.

Everyone — and I mean, everyone — is talking about a potential fourth candidate jumping in the race.   

…and it’s because of nonsense like this right here.

Today’s WaPo confirms what everyone feared; Reeves does not intend to let Vogel go.  Should this go to court it will further hamstring both candidates, not only harming their own general election chances but potentially damaging the rest of the GOP ticket in a year where room for error will be minimal at best.

So here’s the $30 million question — what do you feel about this?  Poll will stay open until 10pm on February 4th.

Given the current state of the Virginia LG race, is the Vogel/Reeves scandal hurting or helping Republican chances in Virginia?

  • No -- this is exactly the debate we need. (26%, 43 Votes)
  • Yes -- this is really hurting the ticket. (74%, 123 Votes)

Total Voters: 166

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UPDATE:  So I’ve been getting a few questions on this… if not the current field of three, then whom?

Tough to say, as no one is actively pinging or campaigning for the slot at the moment.  Delegate Ben Cline has been mentioned (though sources say he has demurred).  Former 2013 LG primary contender Pete Snyder has been mentioned (one will note that he demurred as well when he was rumored to be in the offing for governor).  Former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has been mentioned as well… though her talents are perhaps better suited towards a 2018 U.S. Senate run vs. running for a statewide seat where she has few roots.  One distant consideration would be fomer 2014 U.S. Senate convention contender Shak Hill who had been rumored to be exploring options in December, but declined to throw his hat in the ring.

Truth is, no one knows… but your thoughts and comments below would be interesting, as a candidate would have roughly a month to throw in and make something happen.

Of course, the real question here is whether or not l’affaire d’Reeves is really helping a soul — forget the candidates themselves, but Virginia Republican chances statewide.  One has to be brutally honest about it… the whole episode is disheartening to say the least, and demoralizing and shocking at its utter worst.