Obama 9, Trump 7, Executive Orders In First 10 Days

executive-orderOne reason the tea party rose up in 2009 was their alarm when Barack Obama signed numerous executive orders — nine in his first 10 days in office, 16 in January and February alone (see list here).

By March of 2009 tea party demonstrations were beginning to pop up nationwide, and in September of that year hundreds of thousands of protesters converged on the Capitol in what turned out to be the beginning of a movement that would lead to a Trump presidency.

As Donald Trump’s administration goes down that same path and the left rises up against the series of executive orders  streaming out of the White House — seven EOs in the first 10 days — there appears to be GOP amnesia about what happened eight years earlier. Déjà vu. The 2018 mid-terms are right around the corner.

  • old_redneck

    GOP amnesia extends back over several previous administrations.

    Executive orders issued by the last few two-term Presidents:
    Reagan: 381
    Clinton: 364
    GWBush: 291
    Obama: 276


    That damn Obama!!! What a tyrant!!!

    • H G

      Don’t forget Obama’s record setting number of memorandum

  • H G

    No amnesia.
    Just the joy that comes from watching Obama’s executive orders reversed by Trump’s.

  • H G
  • Storm of Snowflakes

    Revisionist history.

    The TEA Party movement was already in full swing before Obama even took office, though it didn’t take the name “TEA Party” until Scantelli said it in February of 2009 on CNBC.

    I remember it all well, by the time Scantelli had his famous mini-rant the markets were already in the toilet, and the country had already suffered a year of bad loans, etc. There was already a well established movement chastising Bush for his numerous bailouts, people were already protesting with signs, etc, against it.

    Obama’s Executive Orders, the ACA law, etc, certainly did inflame the TEA Party, but it was already well established by the time all of that came along.

    To say the TEA party began even “in part” because of Obama’s executive orders is not very accurate, and to use that to then argue against what Trump is doing now with Executive Orders seems downright odd.

    • Storm of Snowflakes

      Here’s Bush bailing out General Motors in December of 2008. Again, what would become the TEA Party two months later was NOT amused, they were already livid.

      • Storm of Snowflakes

        Rick Santelli, February 2009 on the floor of the exchange.

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