Brat Whines About His Constituents, Scott Taylor Listens to His

Old Dave Brat (or, should we say, “ODB”) has stepped in it, again.

Over the weekend Congressman Dave Brat decided to complain about liberal protestors. He was obviously trying to get a cheap applause line, but it came across terribly.

Richmond Times Dispatch reports:

“Rep. Dave Brat, R-7th, is feeling some political pressure as Republicans in Congress move to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Since Obamacare and these issues have come up, the women are in my grill no matter where I go,” Brat told an audience Saturday at a meeting of conservative groups at Hanover Tavern.

“They come up – ‘When is your next town hall?’ And believe me, it’s not to give positive input.”

Oh Dave, where oh where to begin?

First of all, as a millennial, I’m disgusted by the fact that he even knows what a grill is. “Grillz” was a song made famous when yours truly was in high school. For those of you unaware of the song, here you go:


Apparently Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Emily Bolton had the same idea:

Just think of Dave Brat jamming to Chingy and Nelly for just a moment.

The funny thing is, not all of Virginia’s Congressmen would be acting like petty children. Congressman Scott Taylor, in light of the increased media attention for the President’s Executive Orders, decided to hold a Facebook Town Hall. He’s not complaining about his constituents wanting to talk to him – he’s inviting them to, and in a format that’s more likely to get him yelled at by angry liberals than a physical town hall, too.

There is a real difference between these two men. One leads while the other one makes himself out to be a fool. While one talks about women up in his grill, the other leads on issues important to his district.

One thing thing about Scott Taylor stand out to me. I haven’t seen that much raw political talent in a long time. There’s a reason why Speaker Ryan entrusted him with a seat on House Appropriations, one of the best committee assignments a freshman could ask for. It’s Scott’s political instinct. It’s his willingness to roll with the punches and serve his constituents. The willingness to speak to people who are not in our chosen political party.

Meanwhile, Congressman Brat acts like his constituents are an inconvenience.  He doesn’t want to listen to folks who disagree, seeming to think they have some kind of problem simply because they disagree with him. Instead of viewing disagreement as a chance to educate and explain, and maybe win over somebody who still disagrees with his willingness to listen, he’s turning off potential voters.  People who disagree with you are not “others.” They are real people with real issues. Elected officials should be open and available, ready to speak to their constituents at all times.  Don’t complain. Engage with them! Don’t live in the echo chamber of your glee club or supporters, or even just the Republican Party. Step outside your comfort zone. You may learn a thing or two along the way, and maybe even earn some more votes.

Maybe Congressman Taylor needs to teach Congressman Brat how to engage his constituents in a respectful manner.

  • old_redneck

    Ol’ Dave’s name fits him perfectly.

  • David Eggleston

    Is this the same Dave Brat who constantly complains that Eric Cantor didn’t hold town halls?

    • Turbocohen

      When Cantors thug went after the 3rd district chair and me, Cantor was not available, after 5 calls to his HQ the number was blocked. Brat is very accessible. Where do you get the BS? A compost heap?

      • David Eggleston

        Everything in that statement is easily verifiable, Turbo. Sorry it hurt your feelings, Snowflake.

  • David Jackson

    Brat has been the most accessible politician this state has ever had . He can be reached anytime. Cantor never answered any questions. You are a shill for the left. If you had been there you would have seen him get a standing ovation when he stood up to speak and another when he concluded his talk. The only response Cantor ever got was when he was booed off the stage. Yes let’s look at who has the citizens. You are a Cantor loser. Brat has done exactly what he said he was going to do. Cantor along with the rest of the RINOs are history. Crawl back in the hole you came out of.

    • Waverly Woods

      Totally agree. This post is a joke.

    • AnninVA26

      I completely agree. Brat is everywhere – even at meetings of fewer than 20 people. He is 100% accessible. Brat does believe in free trade. He told me that because of all the regulations we currently have, we don’t actually have “free” trade. He understands this more than the author of this disgraceful article. Shame on you!

  • This post is ridiculous. I hate to parse things, but what might be sexual to one highly corrupted and degenerate generation actually meant something completely different to those of us over the age of 40. “Up in your grill” means confrontational or “in your face.” Who lets this crap get published?

    That said – the point is taken. Brat, once accessible seems to be retreating while Taylor is out and about. It’s an interesting dynamic.

    • Waverly Woods

      where is Taylor out and about?? Where’s Taylor’s Town Hall? This post is ridiculous.

    • Turbocohen

      Why doesn’t Hall mention all the women in Taylors rolodex? How about the Playboy model he bought tits for? None of this matters JR but what does matter is you’ve got a millenial rino wrecking your otherwise outstanding blog.

    • AnninVA26

      He’s not retreating. He’s everywhere still…sometimes he’s working in Washington. Remember that. There’s a lot to do up there and he’s a great representative of our district. He can’t do it alone and this article is disgraceful. Talk about a circular firing squad! How can we continue to win when we attack each other? Get a life Matt Hall!

      • D Guest

        Seems like the establishment has the long knives out for Dave, trying to exact retribution for his unseating a very squishy predecessor who exerted way too much control over his district GOP.

        • AnninVA26

          Agree. There is no basis to the criticism. He has one of the highest conservative scores of any Congressman and he’s EVERYWHERE in our district. Plus, a great guy. We could not be better represented!

    • Turbocohen

      I fail again to see the value proposition this kind of crappy article offers to BD..

    • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

      Um . . . what do grills have to do with sex?

    • Turbocohen

      Hall supposed to write articles that attract millennial to this blog? Riiight..

      Invite Nadia Elgendy. She is the voice way more millennials will resonate with.

  • BrianKirwin


  • Turbocohen

    This is a maggot shit post. What, no mention of Taylor calling someone a fucking asshole and inviting them out to the woods to beat their ass? How about the ex-GF who claims she watched Taylor as he watched his friend beat on a girl while the congressman did nothing but watch?

  • AnninVA26

    regarding the “grill” comment, he was quoting someone who said that to him.

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