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Unhinged Charlottesville Mayor Signer Pushes for Sanctuary City Status

On January 31, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer [1] will instruct Charlottesville’s City Manager, Maurice Jones [2], to advise City Council on becoming a “Sanctuary City [3].”

Announced this weekend by the leftist political action group known as “Charlottesville Clergy Collective [4],” Mayor Signer [5] also will host a press conference entitled, “Pride in Pluralism”:

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer to Make Major Announcement on Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

Joined by Khizr Khan, Faith, Community Leaders in Celebrating “Pride in Pluralism”

On Tuesday, January 31, Mayor Mike Signer of Charlottesville will be joined at a press conference at City Hall by Charlottesville community, faith, and business leaders to proclaim Charlottesville’s “Pride in Pluralism” and to declare that the historic city, home to Thomas Jefferson, is the “Capital of the Resistance” in the Trump Era. Signer and the other speakers will issue a call to action for anyone concerned about the fear, division, and uncertainty that have resulted from President Trump’s draconian executive orders. Signer called on all community members interested in these issues to join the event.

Charlottesville is home to a major office of the International Rescue Committee and to hundreds of political refugees who have fled oppression in their home countries for the safety and security of American democracy. In recent days Mayor Signer has met with Muslim residents of Charlottesville including translators for the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iranian dissidents, and Syrian political refugees.

They have expressed confusion about the implications of President Trump’s executive orders regarding immigration, Concern about whether they have simply escaped from one tyranny to another, and fear about whether the United States remains, in the poet Emma Lazarus’ words, remains [sic] a place that embraces “Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

The speakers at the press conference will provide personal and political testimonials about the consequences of president Donald Trump’s executive orders regarding immigration and the importance of embracing pluralism to the nation’s culture, Constitutional values, and economy. They will include:

  • Khizr Khan [6], Esq., Gold Star Families
  • Harriet Kuhr, Executive Director, International Rescue Committee [7]
  • Rabbi Tom Gutherz, Congregation Beth Israel
  • Karim Ganena, Islamic Society of Central Virginia
  • Tracey Greene, Executive Director, Charlottesville Business Innovation Business Council [sic]
  • Other religious, civic, and community leaders

At the event, Mayor Signer will announce initiatives to:

  • Gather questions from Charlottesville’s Muslim and immigrant community on visa regarding the executive orders questions to demand answers from Virginia’s Congressional delegation [sic]
  • Join Cities for Action’s coalition of mayors demanding progress on immigration issues
  • Direct Charlottesville’s City Manager to advise City Council on becoming a Sanctuary City
  • Direct Charlottesville’s Human Rights Commission to address anti-Muslim bias.


12:00 noon
Charlottesville City Hall
605 E. Main Street
For details, contact:
Paige Rice, [email protected], (434) 970-3113

Infamous for his own illegal [8] and contra-Constitutional, anti-speech tactics [9], Mayor Signer’s call for institutional lawlessness and mindless pluralism [10] would be laughable were it not so serious a breach.

Signer clearly suffers [5] from TDS [11] and harbors delusions [12] about bona fide threats [13] to America posed by unvetted refugees [14] and unfettered illegal immigration. His witless, unlawful actions will certainly put Charlottesville’s citizens in immediate and long-term financial [15], social [16], and personal jeopardy [17].