The Score: Kaine’s attack on DeVos

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee looks back at Sen. Tim Kaine’s questioning of U.N. Ambassador nominee Nikki Haley. Scott wonders whether Mr. Kaine used the opportunity to muddy the waters over Donald Trump’s handling on the American press (which has been a sight to behold). But what really gets Scott going is the Senator’s confrontation with Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. Democrats greatly dislike DeVos, and in particular her advocacy of school choice. While Kaine’s opposition to DeVos was always a given, the junior senator manages to do his best to push his party even further away from genuine educational reform.

And then there’s Bernie. Bernie Sanders, that is. The one-time Democratic presidential candidate engaged Tom Price, picked as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services and it quickly became a dissertation on free stuff, be it health care, child care, education, puppies. Bernie insists we are not a compassionate society. His measure of compassion is measured in dollars — your dollars. And the more of them taken from you, and given to others, the greater a nation we shall be. Or just poor. And angry.

The General Assembly is back in town, debating and voting on things its members deem of great importance to the health and happiness of the commonwealth. Scott looks at a couple of them. Tim Tebow and vultures are featured. I still await the day the worthies begin removing laws from the books, those that are outdated, ineffectual, unconstitutional, or simply inane. Perhaps another time…

Plus, women march on Washington. Regrettably, Madonna was present, and spoke. And the race for DNC chairman. Scott finds one of the candidates didn’t get the memo about the election results. But here’s hoping the candidate Scott highlights wins. The opportunities for mockery are endless.

And excuses. Everybody makes them, but some are simply too outlandish to be believed. Now for something more relaxing…

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