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The Score: Perriello for the win

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott welcomes the new political year with a look at the newest gubernatorial candidate, former Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello. Scott goes out on a limb and says Perriello will be the Democratic nominee — for a number of reasons. And there’s Tom’s announcement tape. The Virginia remnants of the House of Clinton will not look kindly on its message.

And what new year would be complete without an early, heaping, dose of Arlogance? Scott looks at a redistricting fight in the Arlington County schools that unearthed some fantastic examples of the attitude that makes little Arlington both a geographic entity, and a very special state of mind. Or, as Scott says, “liberal talking points.”

Plus, Obamacare. The GOP now has the chance to repeal the law it says it hates, and Democrats are pulling out the rhetorical stops to defend it. Guess who is winning the debate so far?

And celebrities and their political videos. At least they can read their lines correctly, and hit their marks as directed. The substance? Well…

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