Emily Brewer Officially Announces Candidacy for 64th District House Seat

As I have reported earlier on this website, Emily Brewer, small business owner and Republican activist from Suffolk, announced in September that she would seek the 64th House of Delegates seat in the coming year. This news comes after incumbent 64th District Delegate Rick Morris was urged to resign by Speaker Howell and leading members of the General Assembly.

On Friday, Mrs. Brewer officially announced her candidacy in a statement to the press.

Suffolk, VA – Today Emily Brewer, a small business owner and Republican activist, announced her candidacy for 64th District of the Virginia House of Delegates.

“Our district needs a champion, someone willing to fight for our families and small businesses,” Brewer said. “We must support our farmers, stop regulating businesses to death and create good-paying jobs.”

One issue that Brewer is really passionate about working on is adoption. “I was adopted myself, and I thank God that a loving family raised me. It’s a shame that government makes it harder to adopt a child from across town than across the world,” she stated.

Mike Wade (Henirco County Sherriff and former congressional candidate in the 4th district) commented, “I’m excited to support Emily. She has provided a great voice of leadership across the area and will be a go-to problem solver. She has the energy and focus to be effective in Richmond.”

Marty Williams (Former Fraternal Order of Police President and Congressional candidate in 3rd district) stated, “Emily is not only a great friend, but a listening ear. She will truly listen to the needs of the families across the district. The 64th would be wise in choosing to send Emily to Richmond to fight on their behalf.”

Daniel Webb (Virginia Young Republicans Chairman) remarked, “I’m proud to support my good friend Emily Brewer.”

“The voters will get to decide who represents them in Richmond and I’m looking forward to making the case for why they can trust me to fight for them. In the end, this campaign is not about me. It’s about the hard working families that deserve a voice,” Brewer said.

“I humbly ask for your support, and will work hard every day to ensure the challenges and opportunities facing the families in our community are understood and respected up in Richmond,” added Brewer.

Emily is involved in local organizations, serves as Vice Chairwoman of the Fourth Congressional District Republican Committee, and is married to her husband Joey.

This is that point as a writer that it becomes hard to stay objective about a candidate. I’ve known Emily for almost two years and I can tell you a few things about her. She’s tenacious, relentless in her work for the Republican Party and her career, loving, caring, and above all, compassionate. Emily is someone that genuinely cares about her hometown of Suffolk and wants to revive the economy there. Her intentions are pure and her heart is in the right place.

Expect this race to be a competitive primary. Keep up to date here at Bearing Drift. 

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