The Score: Cover Your Ears, Open Your Wallets, You Will Be Made to Care

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

It’s Scott Lee’s favorite time of year…Christmas. He loves it, because the clips are abundant and hilarious. But there’s a big downside: the music. Much of it is annoying (I’d call it hateful, but I’m a hard case). Scott takes swings at Jose Feliciano (because his one Christmas song is everywhere, all the time) and the horrific Paul McCartney ditty “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” (even the tone-deaf Yoko Ono finds it terrible). But at the top of the list: a fingernails on the chalkboard entry from the long defunct Wham. It is effective at getting confessions from mobsters, however, so there’s that. And he has a dislike of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Which is too bad, because Christmas needs camp, even when it veers, unintentionally, toward dadaism:

After that, Scott and I talk about the thin Democratic bench. The Obama presidency was very good to him, personally. But for his fellow Democrats in Congress, governor’s mansions, and state legislatures, it was eight long years of setbacks and pink slips (save in Virginia, where the mighty GOP finds a way to win the countryside, and lose the suburbs). Plus, an old hobby-horse of mine: economic development. Mr. Trump’s deal to “save” jobs at the Carrier facility in Indiana is one high-profile example of crony capitalism, but Virginia has a long, bipartisan love affair with corporate welfare. And rather than question the practice, even as the state’s flagship welfare agency, VEDP, is castigated for incompetence by JLARC, the worthies seem determined to stay the course. Bless their hearts…

And Scott says he is not now, nor has he ever been, an anarchist (pity, that). While he admits government is necessary, Scott is displeased at the salaries some top state employees are paid for the work they do. And he goes through the list…and names names.

Plus, Scott has become a truly terrible human being since the election. Not that he’s changed, at all. But the things he believes in are now held to be signs of intolerance and hatred. He, and those like him, will be made to care…

Kind of like Cartman was in this ditty:

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