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Erasing Mr. Jefferson

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Scott Lee takes us down memory lane, to a time when kids roamed through cars without seat belts, and students at the University of Virginia basked in the reflected glory of Thomas Jefferson. Good times. But all things change, and now children up to the age of 26 are lashed to a car seat (it follows with their parents’ health insurance) and sensitive gaggle of students and faculty think it’s time to bin TJ. Maybe we should just give them a participation trophy, a coloring book, and move on…before they demand the Washington Monument be razed to the ground.

And then Donald Sutherland. An actor, and a good one (Kelly’s Heroes…not bad). But this Donald feels a bit guilty, or more accurately, ashamed, about being a white male. Yes, Hollywood remains on the cutting edge of inanity.

Scott then turns to Hillary Clinton’s first speech since her soul crushing defeat on November 8. The former secretary of state intends to keep fighting for what she believes in. The downside is she may have to do it without opportunities for graft to ease her way.

And Tim Kaine. He’s declared he will not run for the Democratic nomination in 2020, preferring instead to burrow in to the Senate in the mold of John Warner. At least he has a goal — to spend his years in the greatest rest home on Earth. But he must first win re-elecion in 2018. Given the GOP’s statewide futility in recent years, it may be a safe bet he will succeed in that task.

Plus, Scott goes to the grocery store. And is promptly overwhelmed.

And now a word from the Only Band That Matters…

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