Crawling Through the Wreckage

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee reviews the aftermath of the election, and realizes a couple of things: 1) His vast collection of Hillary Clinton audio clips is no longer useful 2) Clintonism is dead 3) and that he was wrong about Trump winning (even though he voted for him). Scott says he long believed that ideas mattered above all else. Instead, it was emotion, and a profound desire for change, any change, that carried the day. Scott says Hillary Clinton may have bene “the worst candidate on planet earth,” and that Trump’s “drain the swamp” retort was more powerful than any idea. Voters despised her, therefore, they chose him.

The Democrats are also casting about, trying to understand what the hell happened. Some of them have taken the election results so poorly, they have taken to the streets to protest (more often than not, in cities that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton). Some of it in Richmond looked like this:

But others, on college campuses, are being offered safe spaces, and assorted items to calm their nerves.

Here’s a message for those curled in a ball of misery over the results: there’s another election coming. Virginia has one less than a year from now. If you want different results, get busy today.

Later, Scott and I review what happened (after a storm of text messages we exchanged Tuesday night). Yes, I was wrong about the results in other states, but not how Virginia would vote. The blue wall in Northern Virginia remains in place. The next crop of would-be Republican statewide candidates needs to find a way to crack it. And, Trump’s 100 days agenda. There are a few interesting ideas on that list — tax and health insurance reform, among them.

And Rick Sincere interviews newly elected Rep. Tom Garrett. Garrett kept the 5th CD in Republican hands, and he talks about the ground game that helped him win, and about some of the issues he wants to tackle in DC (including rescheduling marijuana for medical purposes), and committee assignments he’s got his eye on.

Boys, you’re up…

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