Slouching Toward Election Day

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee dives back into the burgeoning Hillary Clinton archive, reviewing what she’s said about politics, policy, and her vision for the future. Scott’s fear is that she wins the presidency. His hope that she gets no closer than the tourist rope lines.

And yes, Scott says, Republicans to have ideas, particularly Speaker Paul Ryan, who is pushing his ideas though A Better Way. In a presidential contest that has been idea-free, the mere presence of policy proposals comes as a bit of a shock. Perhaps, however, some of those ideas might find their way beyond white papers. This assumes Ryan isn’t roasted on a spit by his own caucus first…

Plus, where conservatives and liberals shop leads to a discussion of Mr. Obama, lecturing men on why there hasn’t been a woman president before (nevermind his 2008 victory over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries).

Also, making the case for liberty. It takes work. And sacrifice. Scott thinks both have fallen out of fashion, in preference for the narcotic of popular culture. A possible antidote? Putting down the remote, and getting out to the polls on Tuesday. Small steps, folks. Small steps.

And Joe Morrissey, who is a leading candidate to become Richmond’s next mayor. Gadzooks. Vera, a little help, please?

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