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BREAKING: Dave Brat Lies About Pro-Life Record in Anti-Bearing Drift Screed

There’s not much more we dislike here at Bearing Drift than being called liars or accused of writing hit pieces.

We dislike when those calling us such names respond with lies.  But that just happened.

Rep. Dave Brat responded to our earlier Bearing Drift expose on his flip-flopping [1] on multiple questions on the National Pro Life Alliance survey.  His response? We’re a bunch of liars doing a hit job on him, and he answered the National Pro Life Alliance survey with the exact same answers as in 2014.

Small problem?   That is absolutely not true.  

Brat’s response this evening [2] sounds unequivocal in his defense:

With respect to my National Pro-Life Alliance candidate survey, the author of the piece cites my survey responses only, while ignoring all of my comments that were provided in an attachment. The comments explain the constitutional basis for my positions. As a matter of note, this is the same survey that I completed in 2014, where I answered all questions in the same way, with attached comments.

Apparently, that “constitutional basis” changed quite significantly while he was in Washington.

Here’s the 2014 survey [3].    In 2014, Brat supported bans on sex-selective abortions (4), supported parental consent (1) and supported a 48 hour cooling off counseling period (2) — all changed in 2016.  Brat’s neutrality on RU-486 in 2014 moved to a negative (6) in 2016.

In short?  Brat lied.

Below are screenshots of the 2014 [3]and 2016 [4]survey.  Note that the questions did not change… merely Dave Brat’s answers:

102016_brat_npla_2014 [5]

102016_brat_npla_2016 [6]

Brat responds further that his answers were the same answers Donald Trump gave during the debate.  Small problem with that as well — Trump answered the survey perfectly: Y in every instance with no prevarication.

Yet even if one accepts the idea that Brat doesn’t believe the federal government should involve itself in any question regarding the defense of human life?  Then Brat would have answered each question as he did the question as to whether or not he would vote for the Human Life Amendment — leaving it blank.

See for yourself:
http://nationalprolifealliance.com/2014/Region_5.pdf [3]
http://nationalprolifealliance.com/2016/Region5Roster.pdf [4]

No other way to spell this one out, folks.

As an aside, it’s a tad bit hypocritical for Dave Brat to refer to us as people “supposedly on [the Republican] side” when he has spent that last few months of his book tour attacking other Republicans.  But, I disgress.

Brat makes it clear that his position did not change from one survey to the next, nor did his rationale.  It is readily apparent that neither his responses, his rationale, nor his consistency bears a resemblance to how he actually responded.

Before you start calling us liars, Congressman, better make sure your own story checks out.  We call that ethics in the real world, professor.