McMullin Pulls Even in Utah

Now this is noteworthy:

The poll of likely voters, conducted Saturday and Sunday by Rasmussen Reports shows a sensational result in Utah, where two points separates the top three candidates. Donald Trump has 30%, conservative Evan McMullin has 29%, and Hillary Clinton has 28%. Gary Johnson has collapsed to 5%, with Stein at 1%.

Rasmussen, folks.

I’ve always wondered why the Libertarian Party has chosen to go for a 50-state approach when the numbers for the Electoral College are a far different beast than say, covering a state or providing precinct coverage.  Go where the fish are, certainly… but focus on a state you can win.

If Trump’s numbers continue to hover in the mid-30s, McMullin’s prospects (and the prospects of a Conservative Party) increase exponentially with a win… especially if Trump TV becomes a reality.

Should the election get thrown to the U.S. House of Representatives… Jimmy Stewart could really end up going to Washington after all.

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