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EXCLUSIVE: House Leadership & RPV Chair Calls For Delegate Morris’ Resignation, 4th District 1st Vice Chair Emily Brewer Announces Candidacy

Earlier this week, the Virginian-Pilot broke the story that House of Delegates member Rick Morris (R-64) would be charged with child abuse. Later in the week, the Pilot also announced that he had received additional charges.  [1]

House Speaker Bill Howell, along with the senior House leadership, have now called for the resignation of Delegate Morris. This is their statement. [2]

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell, Majority Leader M. Kirkland “Kirk” Cox, Caucus Chairman Timothy D. Hugo, Majority Whip Jackson H. Miller and Deputy Majority Leader C. Todd Gilbert issued the following statement Saturday on Delegate Rick Morris.

“We are deeply concerned by the charges against Delegate Rick Morris.  While we all believe that individuals are innocent until proven guilty and entitled to their day in court, these are serious and troubling allegations.  Accordingly, we have asked Delegate Morris to resign his seat effective immediately.  He needs this time to focus on his personal and family life and we pray for the comfort and healing of everyone involved in this situation.

“We are reminded now of the importance of preserving the public’s trust and the expectations, obligations, and duties that come with the privilege of serving in the House of Delegates.  Legislators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is above reproach and consistent with the honor and dignity of this body.  We take seriously our responsibility to preserve the integrity of this storied institution, and while we deeply regret having to do so we are compelled to ask for Delegate Morris’s resignation in order to protect the House of Delegates.”

In addition to the House leadership, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck stated he also wishes for Morris to resign:

.@JohnWhitbeck [3]@VA_GOP [4] chairman – joins House GOP leadership in calling for resignation of Del. Rick Morris following assault charges.- @RTDSchapiro [5]

Urging Morris to quit b/c of assault charges, #Va [6] GOP leader @JohnWhitbeck [3] says he shud put ‘welfare of constituents ahead political career’- @RTDSchapiro [7]

In an exclusive to Bearing Drift, the Fourth Congressional District First Vice Chairwoman Emily Brewer of Suffolk, Virginia has stepped forward and is announcing her candidacy for the 64th House seat. Brewer, in a statement released to Bearing Drift, stated:

Emily Brewer, a small business owner and Republican activist, announced today that she will seek the Republican nomination to represent the 64th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.  Brewer, who served as an alternate delegate representing the 4th Congressional District at the Republican National Convention in Ohio this year, is hoping to now serve the District in the halls of Richmond.

“Our area needs a champion, someone to be the voice for our agriculture industry and of our transportation needs.  I am an effective listener and collaborator and believe I can be a voice for those concerns in Richmond,” said Brewer.

Brewer serves as Vice-Chair of the Republican 4th Congressional District Committee, and has spent hundreds of hours working in the grassroots of Republican activism.  She has worked on numerous Republican campaigns and advocated for policies important to the District as a private citizen.  As a business owner herself, Brewer understands the plight facing small businesses in the 64th District.

“This campaign is not about me.  It’s about us,” added Brewer.  “Our community is not the same as many other parts of the state.  Our community is a rural community, and one with tremendous economic opportunities.  Many of our challenges and opportunities are unique to our community, and we need someone who can advocate for us in Richmond.  I’m humbly asking the residents of the 64th District for their support to be their voice in the House of Delegates.”

Emily Brewer is the owner of Reaction Point Marketing and lives with her husband, Joey.

Emily Brewer with her husband Joey

It is rumored that other candidates will announce for this seat. Check with Bearing Drift to keep up on information as it continues to develop.