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Who Will RTD Endorse For President on Sunday? Updated

[Update: Read the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s endorsement here [1].]

Since 1980, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has endorsed Republican candidates for president every four years: Ronald Reagan 1980 (won); Reagan 1984 (won); George H.W. Bush 1988 (won); Bush 1992 (lost); Bob Dole 1996 (lost); George W. Bush 2000 (won); Bush 2004 (won); John McCain 2008 (lost); Mitt Romney 2012 (lost).

On Thursday the editors published the following, an intriguing announcement [2]:

The Richmond Times-Dispatch will endorse a candidate for president on Sunday, Sept. 4.

The endorsement, made earlier than in previous years because of the unusual dynamics of the 2016 race, will be published in the newspaper’s Sunday Commentary section and will be posted at Richmond.com.

A firestorm of speculation began over the reasons why an earlier announcement than in years past, and why the background reminding of endorsements the past 36 years. In this most unusual presidential election year, could the reliably conservative T-D be preparing readers for a Democratic endorsement? Or Libertarian? Or Green Party?

Stay tuned for Sunday’s editorial.