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Jean Gannon Wins Powhatan GOP Appeal, Chairmanship Returned To Her

In the great news department, Jean Gannon won her appeal at Saturday’s meeting of the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee by a vote of 45-34. She had gone to state central to reverse a grievous decision by the 7th Congressional District when they overturned the Powhatan County Republican Committee’s April mass meeting.

At that meeting, Jean had won the chairman position, upsetting incumbent chair Patrick McSweeney whose rigid exclusiveness had alienated unit members and elected officials.  After losing the mass meeting [1], McSweeney appealed that loss to the 7th District where they overturned the mass meeting results and returned the chairmanship to him. That led to Saturday’s state central meeting.

Stacie Gordon live-blogged the state central appeal at MillennialAscent [2]:

Jean Gannon’s appeal is now being heard. Wendell Walker is now presiding as chair. Mike Thomas is speaking on Jean’s behalf… discusses the unusual actions taken by supporters of McSweeney during the Powhatan mass meeting (i.e. attempt to waive the reading of the call, attempt to hijack the credentials committee, etc.).

Vice Chairman Thomas points out that McSweeney supporters failed to challenge any voter no the floor of the mass meeting… only took issue by appealing after the fact…. he argues that once the mass meeting was over, the right to challenge those voters died with it.

Mike Thomas: “Jean Gannon still won, she won fair and square.”

2:20 PM – McSweeney’s argument is now being heard… questions the participants of the mass meeting… states that they have a right to look into those participants and determine if there are any known Democrats trying to participate… denies accusations that there was any effort to delay proceedings. Argues that

2:30 PM – SCC members will now be given 15 minutes to speak in favor of Jean’s appeal followed by another 15 minutes to speak against it. Then a vote will be taken to either uphold or invalidate the 7th District Committee’s decision to overturn the Powhatan mass meeting and restore the previous committee.

2:34 PM – A question has been directed to Ben Sloane (7th District Chairman)… clarifying that the ruling to overturn the Powhatan mass meeting would also call for another mass meeting.

2:37 PM – A motion has been made by Eric Herr to delay the vote on Jean Gannon’s appeal until the next SCC meeting at the 2016 Advance AFTER the election. A vote has NOT yet been taking on this motion.

What a cop out… frankly… I don’t know what’s going on now… 

2:41 PM – The motion to postpone the decision on Jean Gannon’s appeal has been seconded. It is clarified that should the SCC approve this motion, the 7th District Committee’s call for another mass meeting take place would stand at present.

2:43 PM – A vote is taken by voice vote… unclear.

2:45 PM – The motion fails by standing vote.

I wonder if McSweeney will try to challenge the participants of this standing vote at the Advance….  

3:00 PM – Jackson Miller makes a strong statement in favor of Jean Gannon’s appeal to thunderous applause. He points out that one of the participants of the mass meeting being challenged is LEE WARE!

3:09 PM – SCC is now voting on the decision by roll-call.

3:12 PM – Jean win!!!! 45-34

Jean Gannon, who had grown her committee to 67 members in just three months after her April win only to see it dissolved by the 7th Congressional District, has now been justified and her win recognized. If only we had more hard-working, dedicated Republicans like Jean, our party would be in good shape.