Convention Supporters Threaten Civil War If Demands Aren’t Met

Genius move by the folks at The Bull Elephant tonight, threatening “civil war” if they don’t get their way on a convention:

“Party Unity” is a tenuous and fragile thing. It requires men and women of character on both sides of the divide to carefully consider compromise, open to trusting that the other side will behave with the same level of decorum and integrity. I am fully aware that neither side has much reason to trust the other and that lapses in integrity are not simply the condition of moderates. I do not wish to hate or personally dislike anyone in the Republican Party and I feel that compromise is healthy and important. This is not, after all, the Republican Party of Steven Brodie Tucker. This is the Republican Party of Virginia.

Renege on this deal, however, and there will be hell to pay.

The hypocrisy just bleeds from those two paragraphs alone, and will probably cost conventioneers their convention.

As for the rest, Schoeneman has already amply laid out the case that everyone at State Central already knew — there was no deal.

Fact is, prior SCCs cannot bind future SCCs.  Simple as that, and “recommendations” not being binding resolutions?  That right there plus the practicality of a 2017 U.S. Senate nomination contest means that the goalposts have moved in a big way.

An hour before, I was prepared to defend the logic of a convention.  After reading this compromised and tortured Taliban-esque screed, I can’t say that conventioneers should take much heart when they are literally being threatened with civil war if they do not comply with the demands of a blogger.

Tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll feel more up to the challenge.

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