This is an Actual Picture of Downtown Roanoke – Right Now! (Everyone Panic!)

I mean look — just look — at what 21 Syrian refugees did in a mere matter of seconds after they arrived in Virginia.

From the Roanoke Times (now rumored to have been renamed al-Manar):

Roanoke has long been a hub for arriving refugees, with more than 800 accepted in the past five years, according to U.S. State Department data.

Oh dear God.  Well at least it’s contained to Roano–

Virginia resettled 121 of the arriving refugees. The highest numbers were sent to Newport News (51) or Charlottesville (27). Roanoke ranked third statewide.


The recent rise in Syrian refugee resettlement locally has unfolded quietly. Del. Greg Habeeb — who helped shape a state bill on the issue during the 2016 session — said he’s heard little about it in recent months.

Habeeb, R-Salem, reiterated that he believes the U.S. has a role to play in the refugee crisis as a global leader but that must be balanced with protecting citizens at home.

“I love that people want to come to America. I think it shows America’s greatness, in part,” said Habeeb, who is of Syrian ancestry on his father’s side and whose district became home to the first Syrian refugees resettled in Southwest Virginia last year.

“I think it’s fantastic, if we can properly vet folks,” he added, citing the concerns stirred by last year’s remarks from Comey and other high-level U.S. officials. “If they can fix the holes in the system, that’s great.”

Well that’s just crazy talk from Delegate Habeeb (R-Not Here) — I mean, a rational approach to Syrian refugees fleeing a war the United States helped create by (1) fostering a “democratic uprising” there while (2) prematurely withdrawing from Iraq and (3) allowing the “JV Team” (read: the old Ba’ath Party and the Sunni tribes we screwed over three consecutive times) to run amok?

Perish the thought!

Habeeb’s rationality is matched only by the ridiculous charity expressed by the “mules” and “useful idiots”  (you know, those Christian types) who bring these people terrorists refugees infiltrators to our loving shores, lifting its lamp beside the golden door:

“For years, Roanoke has been supportive to refugees and provided care, friendship, employment and understanding,” Commonwealth Catholic Charities wrote in an emailed statement. “These families are learning English, American culture and preparing to start employment. Their adjustment appears to be going well.”

To the contrary!  Now is the time to PANIC!!!  I mean, what must downtown Roanoke actually look like right now??


Oh right… it’s freakin’ gorgeous.

But be careful now, wide awake citizens!  While most people see joy! and flowers! and amazing foods! and everything that makes America great… others who have the hidden gnostic knowledge and a proper fear of mankind will a secret and diabolical terrorist plot to make America “stronger” by bringing in “refugees” and victims of Islamist terrorism…

God forbid these refugees set up restaurants.

Specifically, a decent Syrian restaurant that on special days serve kibbe naya (raw lamb for the uninitiated) and decent mammoul with walnuts and dates sprinkled with just enough sugar.  Maybe introduce folks to finer alcohols such as arak (tastes like black licorice)?  Just sayin’.

Scratch that — please send more Syrian refugees (especially those with culinary experience) to Richmond ASAP.

Better still, the real problem here?  Why is there not a decent Lebanese restaurant in Charlottesville?!


Of course, Roanoke doesn’t look like Aleppo in the slightest.  Virginia’s acceptance of 121 refugees in a population of 8.3 million hasn’t bothered anyone at all.  Syrian Christians who are toughing it out in Syria still are begging for help from the Obama administration — and such cries are falling on deaf ears.  Meanwhile, ISIL’s war of purity against Muslims themselves is devolving to a brutal conclusion at the hands of al-Assad and his Russian sponsors.

Virginia can afford to lift its lamp beside the golden door.

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