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Witt Endorses Reeves

Pastor Travis Witt has endorsed state Sen. Bryce Reeves for lieutenant governor. This is important because Witt is the former chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and a current member of the Republican Party State Central Committee.

In a previous post on Bearing Drift [1], we noted that Reeves’ colleague and opponent, Sen. Jill Vogel, was endorsed by current Virginia Tea Party leader Rick Buchanan.

“I have seen Bryce Reeves work for conservatives, vote and declare his values in a manner that does not violate our, nor his, core Christian principles. I can assure you Senator Reeves is a rock solid Christian conservative. Furthermore, I have witnessed him firsthand demonstrate authentic leadership in the Virginia Senate and get things done,” wrote Witt in his endorsement. “I am beyond pleased that he always stands up for our constitutional rights and our conservative values and works hard day in and day out to make sure we keep them. I strongly encourage you to sit down with him and ask him the tough questions. I am confident if you do that, you will come to the same conclusion I have – that he is an authentic conservative.”

The current candidates for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor are Reeves, Vogel and Del. Glenn Davis. Justin Fairfax is the only declared Democratic candidate.