Mitt Romney Should be Kicked Out of the Republican Party

The idiotic #nevertrump movement was cute enough during the primaries. Until we have a nominee, I’m willing to give a lot of latitude to people with bruised egos and raw feelings over losing primary after primary.

A whole lot of latitude.

In hockey, a losing playoff team immediately lines up to shake hands with the winning team. That’s sportsmanship.

Oh, if politics were more like hockey.

If hockey teams were like some of these politicians, the losing team would leave the ice and whine into twitter.

And if hockey teams acted like Mitt Romney, they’d be kicked out of the NHL.

We little people in the Republican Party have a little rule that says you’re supposed to support Republicans. If you don’t, you can be kicked out. Simple, eh?

But Romney went way beyond that!

“A band of exasperated Republicans — including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a handful of veteran consultants and members of the conservative intelligentsia — is actively plotting to draft an independent presidential candidate.” Washington Post

If any Republican member in Virginia ever did that, they’d be out of the GOP quicker than lightning!

Our rules state that any member who “publicly supports a candidate in opposition to a Republican nominee shall not be qualified for participation in party actions.”

So, I ask RNC Chairman Reince Priebus “Is Mitt Romney a Republican.”

Mitt Romneycare who lost in 2008 and 2012, who proudly proclaimed that in the 80s he was not a Republican and he was an Independent, is now working against the Republican’s presumptive nominee for President.

What are you going to do about it, Mr. Chairman?

As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Millions Romneycare should be held to the same standard as any rank and file Republican Party member,and if you are recruiting a candidate in opposition to the Republican nominee, you are no longer a member of the Republican Party.

Bye, Bye Mitt. It was fun while you visited our Party. Shame you couldn’t hang long enough for the Party to really get going.

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