Jeb Bush Pulls a “Read My Lips”

Jeb Bush stood on national television and raised his hand in approval to supporting the Republican Nominee. He also signed the South Carolina pledge stating he would support the Republican nominee.

“Read my lips”

Jeb Bush had a rough time. He spent over $130 million and out of 2,472 delegates, Jeb won 4.

Now he’s whining, probably because his arch-enemy Marco Rubio is likely getting a look-over for Vice-President, and now says that when he promised to support the nominee of the Republican Party, he was ly—, he was insinc—, he was full of —-.

“Read my lips – no new taxes”

What is it with this Bush family?
Read my lips no new taxes

Check out the bottom of the page. The Donald’s been haunting the Bush family for ages!

Of course, Lindsey Graham is doing the same thing and breaking his pledge, but no one really cares about Lindsey Graham or even knows who he is.

Actually, when he announced, I thought the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac was running until I remembered that was Lindsey Buckingham.

In fact, a lot of Fleetwood Mac songs would describe Lindsey Graham’s campaign pretty well: “Dreams”, “Second Hand News”, “Never Going Back Again”, “The Ledge”, “That’s Enough for Me.”

Now he’s moved on to “Little Lies.”

Bush 41 and Bush 43 are skipping, too, but they skipped the 2012 convention also, so I’m pretty much giving them a pass.

It’s Bush 0 who made the promise and now Bush 0 is breaking it.

That’s brings us to Mitt Romneycare, who also says he’d rather be anywhere this summer but in Cleveland. That’s fine by me, actually, since he jinxed us in 2008 and 2012. And the speech he gave in 2004 wasn’t exactly a bottle of Jolt.

In fact, I’m not really sweating it that the Loser Brigades want to skip the Convention rather than be seen sobbing like Susan Lucci at the Emmys. At least Susan eventually won.

Dick Cheney endorsed Trump. Now that’s a tough son of a gun. I’d take one Cheney over a hundred Jeb!s any day. The Veep never needed to add an exclamation point to his name.

Of course, there’s still time for Jeb! Bush and Mitt Romneycare to join the team. They’re still welcome.

I’m sure there’s someplace on the bench they can sit.

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