Jackson Endorses Vogel for 2017 LG

E.W. Jackson2013 lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson has thrown his hat into the ring… in favor of State Senator Jill Vogel.  From the release:

As you know, I ran unsuccessfully for LG in 2013. While I garnered nearly a million votes, we were not able to overcome a divided Republican party and a hostile media which helped my opponent portray a caricature of me. We cannot have a repeat of that situation. We need a Lt. Governor who is a principled uniter. We need someone who has strong conviction, but equally strong compassion. And we need someone who is honest about who she is and where she stands. Jill is courageous, energetic, sincere and one of the hardest working public servants in the Commonwealth.

However, the most fundamental test for my support of any candidate is not only whether the person is right on policy, but whether he or she has the integrity to earn my trust. I trust Jill Vogel. I cannot say that about any other candidate in the race for LG. She says what she means and means what she says. She is precisely who Virginia needs at this time in our history.

An early endorsement in an early field.

State Senator Bryce Reeves is the only other candidate announced in a race that is rumored to have other contenders: former U.S. Senate candidate Shak Hill, former 2013 LG candidate Pete Snyder, and so many others.

At the moment?  Yes Virginia, there is a convention… but don’t be surprised if State Central changes its mind to a primary in the near future.

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