Pennsylvania Blindfold Primary Screws Voters

We’ve seen some idiotic rules in this primary season, but by far the outright dumbest primary election rules were drummed up by the idiots in Pennsylvania’s GOP.

Pennsylvania awards 71 delegates. 17 go winner-take-all to the winner of the primary. The other 54?

54 delegates are unbound. Voters next Tuesday will directly elect three delegates to the National Convention in each Congressional district and the voters will have NO IDEA which Presidential candidate any of the possible delegates support.

Pennsylvania GOP voters will go to the polls Tuesday blindfolded!

They’ll have to vote directly for delegates to the national convention without a clue as to if those delegates support Trump, Cruz, Kasich or Mother Theresa for that matter.

West Virginia and Illinois do it this way as well, but at least those states have the decency to list on the ballot which Presidential candidate the people running for delegate support. Pennsylvania says nothing.

A PA voter will be asked to vote for a Presidential candidate, and then vote for three delegates who might be opposed to the candidate the voter just voted for.

54 of 71 delegates can basically give the voters the middle finger and not say a thing until after next Tuesday.

Imagine if electors in November were like that? Instead of voting for “Electors for X Republican candidate,” you had to vote for the actual electors, who might tell you after they got your vote that they were supporting Hillary the whole time.

Sucks to be you, huh?

Reince Priebus, defend this. “This is fun,” says the RNC Chairman.

Blindfold voting isn’t fun.

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