Terry McAuliffe Vetoes Voter Fraud Bill

With the 2016 elections just around the corner, Clinton confidant Governor Terry McAuliffe is wasting no time getting ready for November’s election. As part of his preparations, he’s shaking cash out of special interests, flying to out-of-state Clinton rallies, and right here at home, vetoing legislation intended to combat voter fraud.

With the flick of his pen, the man leading Hillary Clinton’s Virginia campaign team vetoed common-sense legislation patroned by Delegate Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg) requiring voter registration forms to ask applicants for their social security number, their citizenship status, and whether they are ineligible to vote for other reasons, such as a felony conviction. Voter registrars would be required to reject any application which failed to include the necessary information.

Nowhere in HB9 (bill text and legislative history) was any requirement for the applicant to provide documentation of any information submitted. The bill did not require applicants to prove their social security number, date of birth, or citizenship status. Compared to other voter integrity legislation, HB9 was rather mild, requiring only that applicants tell the truth if they are indeed eligible to vote.

HB9 merely required Virginia’s State Board of Elections to ask for this information and reject as incomplete applications who fail to provide it.

Even though no applicant would be required to furnish proof of the requested information, the mere existence of boxes asking for it proved too onerous for Governor McAuliffe. As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported:

McAuliffe highlighted a part of the bill that would require the “automatic denial” of applicants who fail to check a box indicating that the applicant will be at least 18 years old before the next general election.

“The checkbox is not material to determining whether the applicant meets the age requirements to register to vote, because the applicant is already required to provide his or her date of birth,” McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe’s credibility-starved explanation is little more than an excuse for an ongoing and obstinate refusal by Democrats to embrace common-sense measures to protect the integrity of Virginia’s elections. Democrats were similarly out of touch with mainstream Virginians several years back, when they steadfastly opposed voter ID laws supported by 76% of Americans, including 78% of independents.

Cole’s bill to strengthen requirements placed upon the State Board of Elections was filed in response to efforts by the McAuliffe administration last year to make questions regarding citizenship status and criminal history optional, much to the dismay of critics who charged that the proposed revisions would make it easier for ineligible voters to cast fraudulent votes in Virginia elections.

McAuliffe’s proposal ultimately fizzled, following widespread public outrage and the efforts of Senator Tom Garrett (R-Buckingham) and then-candidate Senator Amanda Chase (R-Midlothian) to raise opposition to the proposed change.

Following McAuliffe’s veto, Cole’s proposed legislation is unlikely become law, given Democratic opposition expressed in the 59-33 vote in the House of Delegates and corresponding 22-18 vote in Virginia’s Senate. While outraged Virginians can still contact their legislator and urge McAuliffe’s veto to be overridden, it remains unlikely that steadfast Democratic opposition to voter integrity will ultimately be overcome.

  • AnninVA26

    His #1 job as governor of Virginia has always been to make it blue for Hillary. Here we go.

  • notjohnsmosby

    So, you think Virginians are outraged because little checkboxes that would there just to throw out voter registrations based on a technicality won’t be added to the form?

    • Bobby

      Outrage is hardly the word I would use. Does it rank in the top 10 issues Americans care about? UFO sightings seems to be more prevalent than instances of voter fraud…

  • The risk from voter fraud on this situation has indeed increased from 0% to 0%.

    • mark Jawsz

      Bruce The Wise has decreed there is no voter fraud, so there is ABSOLUTELY no voter fraud in Virginia, because Bruce knows everything and he is never wrong. Furthermore, we must bear in mind the following: If the Left commits an outrage and the Liberal Media did not report it, then the outrage never occurred. Thus, there will never be voter fraud in Virginia.

      • notjohnsmosby

        Dumbass, there is an entry on the form that asks for your birth date. From that, even the most dim-witted local Republican registrar can determine if the applicant is 18 or older on Election Day. Putting a small box somewhere else to verify the same thing is not going to decrease the already non-existent voter fraud. It’s just another thing to possibly deny a registration.

        • mark Jawsz

          Does voter fraud exist or not? If yes, what sensible recommendation would you make to our government officials?

          • notjohnsmosby

            In general, no, it doesn’t. Republicans think it does, but that seems to correlate to the number of elections they lose. They lose an election, it must be voter fraud, because no sane legal voter would possibly think differently than they do.

      • I give you bonus points for capitalizing “Liberal Media” to make that totally conspiracy-theory like.

        • Penguin

          So why are democrats, in election season, so heavily present in heavily illegal alien areas?

          • No idea, but if they’re actively recruiting people to file false voter registration forms they’re breaking the existing laws.

          • Rollin Reisinger

            Keeping these affirmations on the form protects applicants from being victimized by campaigns and action groups who pay people to bring back as many completed forms as possible. There are plenty of stories of low-level organizers misleading applicants on the requirements of eligibility. A clear form discourages organized efforts to dupe people into committing the crime of registering while ineligible.

          • Where has this ever been a problem in Virginia? I’m not talking about that Colin Small guy who got busted for throwing completed voter registration forms in a dumpster, because he was working for the RPV.

            You’re spinning faster than you claim McAuliffe was. What’s next? Photoshopped photos?

          • notjohnsmosby

            An illegal alien probably does every home service you have – from cutting the grass to fixing the roof. Does that make your house a heavily illegal alien area?

        • mark Jawsz

          Are you saying the media is not dominated by liberals?

    • Penguin

      Is this why I see Democrats outside of supermarkets that have heavy illegal alien shoppers, like the Grand Mart in 7 corners? I tried to speak english to the democrat agents and they told me to leave them alone.

  • Considering that what McAulliffe said was true about the age checkbox, what part of that is “credibility-starved”? It’s already a crime to submit a false voter registration form.

    This bill wouldn’t change a damn thing except give more reasons to invalidate voter registrations. You know that it’s not going to increase the chances of voter fraud. But you had to upchuck the usual “voter fraud!” crap like that’s a real problem in Virginia. You’re trollin’, Rollin.

    • Rollin Reisinger

      McAuliffe is spinning like a top in an effort to distract from his real reason for objecting to this common-sense bill, rooted in his administration’s effort in 2015 to remove the citizenship status and criminal history questions from the voter registration application entirely. This bill was designed to prevent future attempts at what McAuliffe’s administration actually proposed last year.

      • Again, submitting a false voter registration form is already a crime. It doesn’t matter.

        • Rollin Reisinger

          Actually it does. This bill was written to ensure those questions remain on the form following an effort by the McAuliffe administration to remove them. If they don’t, then applicants who lack eligibility aren’t submitting a false form.

  • Peacemaker

    The right to vote is fundamental. It is much more important than politicians trying to “fix” a problem that does not exist.
    Same issue as Florida in 2000. Little Ms. Harris should have gone to jail.

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