Sabato’s Crystal Ball can’t even read the present

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, highly touted for telling the future, seems to have trouble predicting the present.

In the Jan. 11th issue of “Inside Business”, a General Assembly Preview was published with the commentary and predictions of Geoff Skelley, a political analyst and associate editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

He made these brilliant comments about a bill to ban plastic shopping bags.

“A similar local option bill passed the Senate in 2015 (SB 1103), with Republican Sen. Jeff McWaters serving as the chief patron,” said Skelley. “So that particular piece of legislation had bipartisan support, even winning four Republican votes in the final Senate floor vote. Perhaps McWaters would be open to co-sponsoring, given his support last time.”

Except McWaters is no longer in the General Assembly!

Anyone who knows anything about Virginia Government knows that Sen. McWaters announced his retirement last year, and a primary was held as well as a general election to elect his replacement, Sen. Bill DeSteph.

So, to Inside Business for not knowing enough to keep that idiotic prediction out of their publication, and to Larry Sabato, who employs a political analyst and editor who doesn’t even know who is in the General Assembly and who isn’t, we send this with all respect and honor.

Dear Inside Business and Larry Sabato,

Next time you want accurate and informed analysis of the General Assembly, give us a call.


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