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Occupy Democrats Willing To Lie To Get 40-Year Old Transgenders In Your Daughter’s Bathroom

FalseTrue to form, if they don’t have truth and justice on their side, Democrats just kinda tend to make stuff up.

To wit: Democrats are working very hard to put transgendered men in women’s bathrooms.  Very hard.

So hard, they have even filed bills that would make telling those transgendered males to get out of the girls’ locker room a Title IX discrimination hearing [1] (if State Senator Adam Ebbin’s bill makes it into the hands of McAuliffe).

Meanwhile, several bills are fighting back against Ebbin’s “naughty bits” bill, namely Delegate Mark Cole’s common sense bill that says guys use guys’ bathrooms; girls use girls’ bathrooms.

Of course, the Democrats don’t like that… so “Occupy Democrats” (which apparently is a real thing) claimed that someone would be checking out the “naughty bits” of each and every kid trying to use the bathroom…  Politifact inquires [2]:

Colin Taylor, the managing editor of Occupy Democrats, and Omar Rivero, the group’s founder, told us in an email that the group “simply took Del. Mark Cole’s offensive proposal to its logical conclusion.”

“How else would an enforcing official determine whether or not the individual’s anatomical sex matches Del. Cole’s interpretation of binary gender designation?” they wrote. “Are they expecting children or adults to voluntarily turn themselves in? Will they have to submit to inspection by a doctor? Somebody will have to inspect to prove that an individual is or is not anatomically correct.’”

Now whatever organizations such as Occupy Democrats, Equality Virginia, and the ACLU fascination with the “naughty bits” of others might be — to the point where they instantly thought they, you know, had to take a look at the “naughty bits” of little kids to enforce Cole’s bill — is probably best left for a psychologist.  In a ward.  In a hospital.  With many sessions of therapy.

…but we digress.  Politifact naturally rated the claim of tranny boosters as “false” — to the point where they say it”grossly twists” the issue.

Grossly twists.  We’ll just leave that one right there, alongside the newfound (or longstanding) progressive obsession with kids private parts.