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Gillespie Rolls Out MASSIVE Endorsement List

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Gillespie’s Let’s Grow Virginia PAC has unleashed perhaps one of the longest endorsement lists I have read in Virginia politics in a long… LONG time… and following a mammoth list of endorsements rolled out in early December.  The e-mail to Gillespie supporters is as follows:

* * *

In just a little over one month since Republicans from across the Commonwealth met in Hot Springs for the RPV Advance, A LOT has happened here at Let’s Grow, Virginia!

First though, let’s recap some of the great news that came from the Advance weekend in early December:

Let’s Grow, Virginia rolled out a list of 217 grassroots activists and leaders from every corner of our state. The list included 30 members of our State Central Committee, 28 Unit Chairs and numerous Young Republican, College Republican and Tea Party chairs publicly supporting Ed running for Governor in 2017

The Washington Post reported that in just one week of fundraising, Let’s Grow, Virginia! raised over $270,000.

That was obviously a very strong start, but the momentum since the Advance has only grown. Today we have some very exciting news!

We are honored to welcome the support of the majority of Republican members of Virginia’s General Assembly as conservative leaders across the Commonwealth continue rallying behind Ed to run for Governor in 2017!

In addition to these elected leaders, more than 100 grassroots leaders from across the Commonwealth have added their names to the list in the past month. Nine more members of the State Central Committee (for a total of 39), four more unit chairs (32) and former Congressman Frank Wolf are among those now also publicly supporting Ed running for Governor. The entire list can be found below.

In addition to the enthusiastic support from these conservative leaders, Let’s Grow, Virginia! has a long list of strongly committed financial supporters who helped us raise over $480,000 dollars in our first seven weeks!

It’s no wonder the National Journal recently listed Virginia one of the top three potential Republican pick-ups among governor races if Ed Gillespie is our nominee.

And we are just getting started.

Join our team by visiting our Let’s Grow, Virginia! website: www.letsgrowva.com.


gillespie_letsgrowvirginia [2]

*General Assembly Member, **Unit Chair, ***SCC Member

Lou Abbott, Fairfax
Jeremy Adler, Arlington
Del. David Albo, Fairfax*
Georgia Alvis-Long, Augusta**/***
Matt Ames, Fairfax**
Peggy Armentrout, Charlotte**
Elijah Arquette, Wise
Robert Atkins, Hanover
Del. Terry Austin, Botetourt*
Trixie Averill, Roanoke
Adrian Baechtel, Fredericksburg
Matt Baechtel, Fredericksburg
Eric Bagwell, Arlington
Debbie Balancia, Fairfax
Jerry Baldwin, Chesterfield
Juanita Balenger, Fairfax***
Pamela Barger, Sussex
Pat Barksdale, Halifax**
Brandy Battenfield, Norfolk
Joshua Baumgartner, Roanoke
Elisabeth Beamer, Roanoke
Del. Richard Bell, Augusta*
Jon Berkley, Charlotte
Morton Blackwell, Arlington***
Jack Blakely, Arlington
Miranda Bond, Alexandria
Deedee Bondurant, Franklin
Alex Boone, Botetourt
Herman Brackens, Alexandria
Eileen Brackens, Alexandria
Kristen Brauer, Rockingham
Emily Brewer, Suffolk
John R. Broadway, Henrico
Pam Brown, Norfolk
Cindi Burkett, Albemarle**
Pete Burkhimer, Chesapeake**
Michael Butchko, Fairfax
Del. Kathy Byron, Bedford*
Del. Jeff Campbell, Bristol*
Mary Campbell, Fairfax
Patricia Capps, Louisa
Sen. Bill Carrico, Galax*
Sen. Ben Chafin, Russell*
Joseph Chelak, Arlington
Tom Cherry, Norfolk**
Jennifer Chronis, Fairfax
Linwood Cobb, Henrico
Sarah Cochran, Loudoun
Gwen Cody, Fairfax
James Cohen, Virginia Beach
Wayne Coleman, Norfolk
Curtis Colgate, Virginia Beach***
Codi Collins, Lee
Del. Chris Collins, Fauquier*
Jill Cook, Fairfax
Kevin Corbett, Bristol**/***
Sen. John Cosgrove, Chesapeake*/***
Bret Coulson, Fairfax
Del. Kirk Cox, Colonial Heights*
Linda Cranmer, Fairfax
Tom Cranmer, Fairfax
Diane Cullo, Fairfax
Suzanne Curran, Shenandoah***
Keith Damon, Fairfax***
Rob Damschen, Arlington
Dona Danziger, Accomack
Del. Glenn Davis, Virginia Beach*
Carole De Triquet, Chesapeake***
John De Triquet, Chesapeake
Christopher Deen, Richmond
Joseph Doherty, Fairfax
Bill Donovan, Richmond
Patsy Drain, Fairfax***
Joan Dreux, Fairfax
Del. Mark Dudenhefer, Stafford*
Barbara Duerk, Roanoke
Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, Henrico*
Nancy Dye, Roanoke
Kevin Dye, Roanoke
Erika Dyer, Fairfax
Jessica Dyer, Henrico
Brandy Dyke, Suffolk
Micah Edmund, Alexandria
Jasen Eige, Henrico
Raga Elim, Stafford
Hollis D. Ellis, Chesapeake
Kate Faherty, Alexandria
Lynn Falk, Fairfax
Frank Fannon, Alexandria
Del. Peter Farrell, Henrico*
Stuart Farrell, Henrico
Ken Feltman, Falls Church**
Erin Few, Greene
Peter Finocchio, Fairfax
Jim Fisher, Fauquier
Wes Fisher, Harrisonburg
Bill Flanagan, Colonial Heights***
Mike Flanagan, Richmond
Diane Flanagan, Colonial Heights
Darien Flowers, Alexandria
Ann Flynn, Fairfax
Devon Flynn, Fairfax***
Jon Foltz, Arlington
Steven Fordyce, Chesapeake
Lisa Gable, Lee
Jean Gannon, Powhatan
Del. Scott Garrett, Lynchburg*
Sandy Gates, Botetourt
Kate Gazino, Fairfax
Anne Gentry, Fairfax
Kevin Gentry, Fairfax***
Del. Todd Gilbert, Shenandoah*
J. Parker Gochenour, Page
Kenny Golden, Virginia Beach
Michael Goodale, Fairfax
Jason Grace, Lee**
Del. Tag Greason, Loudoun*
Tim Gresham, Powhatan
Nishant Grover, Radford
John Guevara, Fairfax
Brett Hall, Wise
Diane Hall, Fairfax
Gary Hall, Dickenson
Marty Hall, Carroll
Brian Hamilton, Franklin**
Lynn Hamilton, Hanover
Julia Hammond, Richmond
Todd Hammond, Richmond
Cody Hanshaw II, Roanoke
Bethany Harrison, Shenandoah
Brennan Hart, Alexandria
William Harvill, Madison**
Terri Hauser, Alexandria
Kathy Hayden, Roanoke***
Charles Haywood, Rockingham
Wayne Hazzard, Hanover
Del. Christopher Head, Roanoke*
Maricel Heeter, Fairfax
Christian Heiens, Culpeper
Marcy Hernick, Montgomery***
Pat Herrity, Fairfax
Michael Hirsch, Fredericksburg**
Eric Holland, Fairfax
Stephen Hollingshead, Loudoun
Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel, Fauquier*
Charlotte Homer, Page**
Matt Homer, Page
Speaker William Howell, Stafford*
Mel Huber, Montgomery**
Del. Tim Hugo, Fairfax*
Del. Riley Ingram, Hopewell*
Audrey Jackson, Chesterfield
Kevin Jackson, Fairfax
Patricia Jackson, Winchester
John Jaggers, Loudoun
Kay Coles James, Chesterfield
Roger Jarrell, Rockbridge**/***
Michelle Jenkins, Scott***
Ross Jenkins, Scott
Mark Johnson, Fairfax
Doug Jones, Fairfax
Del. Chris Jones, Suffolk*
Paula Kallay, Spotsylvania
Tanveer Kathawalla, Arlington
Mark Kelly, Arlington***
Adam Kidd, Bland**
Former AG Jerry Kilgore, Henrico
John Kilgore, Scott**
Del. Terry Kilgore, Scott*
Ann Kirwin, Virginia Beach
Brian Kirwin, Virginia Beach
Jack Koltisko, Loudoun
Canning Kraft II, Fairfax
Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Chesapeake
Jeanette Kraynak, Fairfax
Stephen Kurtz, Warren**
Jane Ladd, New Kent***
Andrew Lamar, Richmond
Del. Steve Landes, Augusta*
Ethan Lane, Alexandria
Michael Lane, Alexandria
Josh Law, Augusta
James Lawrence, Alexandria
Anna Lee, Fairfax
Jake Lee, Hanover***
Del. James LeMunyon, Fairfax*
Del. Jay Leftwich, Chesapeake*
Jerry Lester, Buchanan
Del. Scott Lingamfelter, Prince William*
Ryan Lodata, Arlington
Chad Logan, Shenandoah
Ed Long, Augusta
David Lotts, Bristol
Del. Manoli Loupassi, Richmond*
Tyler Lucas, Craig
Judi Lynch, Montgomery
Judy Lynch, Manassas
Steve Mabry, Roanoke
Sara Mahayni, Chesterfield
Lolita Mancheno-Smoak, Fairfax
Del. Danny Marshall, Danville*
Chris Marston, Alexandria**/***
Tim Martin, Augusta
Zach Martin, Bedford
John Massoud, Shenandoah
Dawn Matheson, Chesapeake
Mark Matney, James City
Wendy Maurer, Stafford
Jay McConville, Fairfax
Cher McCoy, Rockbridge
Dean McCray, Dinwiddie County**
Richard McDonnell, Falls Church
Barbara McGinn, Colonial Heights
Jim McGinn, Colonial Heights
Dwayne McIntyre, Russell**
Christopher Medrano, Fairfax
Matthew Medwed, Rockingham
Robert Melvin, Alexandria
Antonia Merrick, Prince William
Thomas Meyer, Arlington
Mae Midkiff, Giles**
Monique Miles, Alexandria
Del. Randy Minchew, Loudoun*
Phil Miskovic, Nottoway
Austin Mitchell, Henrico
Senjay Mittal, Henrico
Mickey Mixon, Roanoke***
Del. Jason Miyares, Virginia Beach*
Del. James Morefield, Tazewell*
Donna Moser, Rockingham**
Rachel Moss, Fairfax
Andrew Mueller, Spotsylvania
Charmaine Mueller, Spotsylvania
Greg Mueller, Spotsylvania
Kim Mullins, Wise**
Suzanna Mullins, Norton
Laura Murphy, Fairfax
Joe Murray, Alexandria
Penny Nance, Fairfax
Wes Nance, Bedford
Will Nance, Fairfax
Derrick Narvaez, Frederick
Josh Newberry, Dickenson
Jane Newkirk, Halifax
Mac Nichols, Harrisonburg**
Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment*
Kadie Norton, Harrisonburg
Del. John O’Bannon, Henrico*
Kristen O’Gorman, Harrisonburg
Chip O’Neil, Arlington
Rose O’Neill, Fairfax
Del. Israel O’Quinn, Bristol*
Sheriff Ronnie Oakes, Wise
Tucker Obenshain, Richmond
Sen. Mark Obenshain, Rockingham*
Susan Oliver, Bedford
Marilyn Osborne-Bach, Bedford
Richard Ottinger, Norfolk
Wayne Ozmore, Chesterfield
Storm Pagila, Fairfax
Rebecca Palmer, Richmond
Elias Papasavvas, Alexandria
Craig Parisot, Loudoun
Mayor Hal Parrish, Manassas
Marshall Pattie, Augusta
Generra Peck, Henrico
Johanna Persing, Arlington
Tony Pham, Henrico
Brian Phillips, Bristol
Helen Phillips, Washington
Tim Phillips, Loudoun
Albert Pianalto, Chesterfield
Nathan Pick, Arlington
Julia Pilipenko, Rockingham
Del. Todd Pillion, Dickenson*
Del. Charles Poindexter, Franklin*
Nicole Prince, Washington
Marie Quinn, Chesterfield***
Brian Rabbitt, Fairfax
Kelley Robertson, Alexandria
Former Del. David Ramadan, Loudoun
Del. Roxann Robinson, Chesterfield*
Doug Rogers, Orange***
Jules Rogers, Rockingham
Ted Rorrer, Washington
Sen. Frank Ruff, Mecklenburg*
Nancy Russell, Hanover**
Samuel Boone, Chesapeake
Suzanne Scholte, Fairfax
Corey Scott, Wise
John Seaborn, Washington**
Sam Sedivy, Richmond
Kaylene Seigle, Harrisonburg
Chuck Slemp, Wise
Erin Slemp, Wise
Delores Smith, Wise
Weik Smith, Hanover
Gerrie Smith, Fairfax
Former Sen. Ralph Smith, Botetourt
Korey Snead, Halifax
Dave Sours, Page
David Southall, Chesterfield
Carrie Stephens, Falls Church
Dennis Stephens, Falls Church
Heidi Stirrup, Prince William***
Becky Stoeckel, Fairfax**
Del. Chris Stolle, Virginia Beach*
Jeff Stritesky, Botetourt**
Kirby Struhar, Loudoun
Sen. Glenn Sturtevant, Richmond*
Barbara Tabb, Prince George***
Jessica Talbert, Arlington
Alexa Tamosaitis, Harrisonburg
Vernon Teall, Sussex
Michael Thomas, Chesterfield***
Caleb Thompson, Rockingham
Mike Thompson Jr., Fairfax
Mike Thompson Sr., Fairfax
Taylor Thornley Keeney, Richmond
Kishore Thota, Richmond***
Adam Tolbert, Smyth***
Steve Trent, Suffolk***
Cathy Tripodi, Arlington
Cole Trower, Rockingham
Claudia Tucker, Amherst
Lynn Tucker, Pittsylvania***
Matthew Tucker, Arlington
Thomas Turner, Suffolk
Ben Turpen, Arlington
Susan Valentine, Fairfax***
Lauren Vangel, Rockingham
Danny Vargas, Fairfax
Gabe Venturi, Fairfax
John Vick, Manassas
Ben Vihstadt, Arlington
Del. Ron Villanueva, Virginia Beach*
Wendell Walker, Lynchburg***
Jimmy Wall, Alexandria
Sandra Warren, Danville
Adam Washington, Stafford
Matt Wavro, Arlington**
Terry Wear, Fairfax***
Dan Webb, Roanoke***
Del. Michael Webert, Rappahannock*
Clara Belle Wheeler, Albemarle***
Carmen Williams, Chesterfield
Donald Williams, Chesterfield**
Stephanie Williams, Bristol
Brigetta Wilson, Chesterfield
Jack Wilson, Chesterfield
Del. Tony Wilt, Rockingham*
Former US Rep. Frank Wolf, Loudoun
Steven Wood, Wise
Eric Wray, Virginia Beach
Ron Wright, Fairfax
Edward Yap, Fairfax
Sang Yi, Fairfax
Del. Joseph Yost, Giles*
Betsy Young, Danville