Netanyahu repudiates Trump, who then cancels Israel trip

netanyahuYesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued the following statement repudiating GOP presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States:

Prime Minister Netanyahu rejects Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Muslims.

The State of Israel respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens. At the same time, Israel is fighting against militant Islam that targets Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and threatens the entire world.

As for the meeting with Mr. Trump that was set some two weeks ago, the Prime Minister decided earlier this year on a uniform policy to agree to meet with all presidential candidates from either party who visit Israel and ask for a meeting.

This policy does not represent an endorsement of any candidate or his or her views. Rather, it is an expression of the importance that Prime Minister Netanyahu attributes to the strong alliance between Israel and the United States.

This is a powerful repudiation given that

-Netanyahu is the world’s foremost expert on Islamofascist terrorism;

-As Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu is on the front line of the battle against Islamofascist terrorism;

-The destruction of Israel is one of the foremost goals of every brand of Muslim extremist, and Israel battles numerous terrorist attacks throughout its country on literally a daily basis;

-Trump granted a request by Netanyahu to appear in a campaign commercial for him just three months ago; and

-Netanyahu knows that Trump is the Republican front-runner and that his his relationship with the next president is vital to Israel’s national security.

In short, Netanyahu recognized that bigotry against an entire religion is so antithetical to the values of western society and of Judeo-Christian principles that even given the risks inherent in an Israeli prime minister criticizing an American presidential front-runner, he could not in good conscience remain silent.

Trump was scheduled to meet with Netanyahu in Israel on December 28.  After Netanyahu renounced Trump’s position on Muslims, Trump responded predictably by cancelling his trip.

  • Stephen Spiker

    And now we’re going to have to deal with the ugliness of Trump supporters attacking Netanyahu.

  • Warmac9999

    I wonder what the polls will say about the average Israeli citizen and Trump. In the UK, the polls support Trump about 2 to 1 while the government is horrified by his suggestion. Meanwhile, the French are shutting down mosques and as many as 150 may be shutdown – oh the horror of French Islamophobia. And then there is Geneva where the police are confirming that some of the folks involved in the Paris massacre happen to be in the vicinity. And, of course, Spain just arrested a bunch of Islamic terrorists. And in Israel, they have had a bunch of their citizens murdered by Islamic terrorist. And even here in the USA, there have been a number of islamic incidents that the MSM hasn’t covered because nobody was killed.

    • Chris
      • Stephen Spiker

        He’s a Trump supporter. All they have to do is repeat a lie five times and it becomes the truth that the media doesn’t have the courage to report.

      • Warmac9999

        I should have said UKIP. My mistake. I got the original info from FoxNews this morning and they apparently made a similar mistake. Having said that, unlike Spiker, I am willing to admit a mistake. He can’t and won’t.

        • QRow

          Info from Fox News !!! Reliable?

          • Warmac9999

            Obviously, Huffington Post is superior as is MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, NBC.

    • Warmac9999

      Just a bit more interesting news from the French:

      While President Obama responds to the most deadly terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 by urging Americans to “reject discrimination” and embrace gun control, French authorities are actually taking the real and present danger of radical Islamic terrorism seriously. Over the last few days, they kicked down doors, closed three mosques (with plans to close potentially more than a hundred), and in the process found an alarming number of weapons, ammo, and terrorist propaganda.

      “In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year.”


      In an effort to “close the net on Islamic extremists,” French authorities have begun the process of shutting down radicalized mosques and raiding locations suspected of housing Muslim extremists. France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that the raids in recent weeks have resulted in the seizure of an unprecedented number of “war-grade weapons.”

      “In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year,” said Cazeneuve.

      Since the devastating Nov 13 Islamic terror attack in Paris, French security officials have searched at least 2,235 homes and buildings, confiscated 334 weapons, and taken 232 people into custody.

      In a raid of a suspected radicalized mosque on Wednesday, security officials found jihadist documents. Cazeneuve also noted that they placed nine people under house arrest and banned 22 from leaving the country.

      The clamp down on problematic mosques is only just beginning, with reports that French authorities have their eyes on between 100 and 160 more that pose a national security threat.

      France is not alone in ramping up its anti-terror campaign; several European countries, including Germany, are beginning to take more aggressive action against potential Muslim extremists. German authorities this week sounded the alarm about extremists’ attempts to radicalize Middle Eastern migrants. “Officials said they have encountered at least 100 cases in which extremists have tried to establish contact with refugees,

      • Warmac9999

        Here is obama keeping us safe:

  • H G

    Interesting. So Israel respects the right of “all its citizens”. How does Trump’s proposal not respect the rights of every American citizen — to life itself? And specifically, what “comments about muslims” is he referring to?
    Seems to me, the right to life is just as important as the right to the free exercise of religion and if in order to secure the latter, and out of respect for the latter, some innocent American civilians have to have the former taken from them on our own soil, then our priorities are out of whack. It sounds to me like respect for all the rights of Americans remains should Trump’s proposal happen, while without some means of forbidding access to muslims loyal to Sharia, specifically jihadis, we are not respecting the right of every American to life.

    • Warmac9999

      The American political elite are frightened of the American people – and they should be. They are supposed to be servants of the people and they have failed so badly that the people are rejecting just about everything they have to say. What is truly sad is that the political elite are fighting the will of the people. From my perspective, Trump represents their loss of power and control, – and they are horrified at the idea that their costly advice and consultation fees will disappear. This is going to be one hell of a political season.

      • Chris

        “This is going to be one hell of a political season.”

        I sure agree with that.

      • Craig M Kilby

        You’ve pegged it exactly. Lobbyists like Brian Shoeneman will be faced with a YOUR FIRED on election day. Of course they are worried.

    • Ken Falkenstein

      You’re seriously positing that the only way to protect human life is to ban all Muslims from our country? I sure am glad that I’ve got Donald Trump to protect me from Cat Stevens.

      • H G

        Nope I’m positing that the only way to respect all the rights of every American citizen is to reduce the risk to American lives the current immigration system allows in.

        You really need to let go of stupid.

        • Warmac9999

          These folks cannot let go of the fact that the GOPe preferred nominee, Jeb Bush, can’t beat this rube. To them, if you think that anyone outside the “e” is the right candidate, you are an idiot. One thing I can assure you, I am better educated than all of these anti-Trump folks and I have spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of what he has said and what it means. I have also spent a lot of time studying Islam and its entire history not just the religious part.

          I see no similar effort on the part of the Bearing Drift folks – and that is really a shame.

          • Stephen Spiker

            You’ve spent all that time studying, yet haven’t noticed there are 10 other candidates in the field outside of Trump and Bush. How about supporting an actual limited government conservative?

          • Warmac9999

            My criteria is rather straightforward. (1) No more plain vanilla gentlemen politicians. (2) Better an outsider than a political insider. (3) No more political correctness, and that specifically includes open borders. Thus, Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, and Carson. All the rest are political insiders. And , as I said earlier, I prefer Cruz to Trump but believe that Trump has done a great service to the country by pointing out the damage being done by obama and the political correct establishment. I would love to support a Rand Paul as he comes closest to my constitutional conservative outlook, but he can’t win and that is unfortunate.

          • Craig M Kilby

            warmac999…Cruz is too creepy for me. His snake-oil Super-Christian shtict annoys the hell out of me. Carson puts people to sleep and is pretty much finished (pyramids were grain silos?). That leaves Trump and Fiorina according to your criteria. I’m still looking at Christie (again).

          • H G

            I’d prefer Rubio to Christie.

          • mezurak

            I think Lindsey is on the verge of a come back. He said “Go to hell.” That should be worth 5 points in the next poll, to put him right up there with Rubio and JEB!.

          • H G

            I’m hoping he goes home and Jeb is right behind him.

          • Warmac9999

            He is becoming foolish and his constituents are noticing.

          • Warmac9999

            Rubio is emerging as the GOPe candidate. Jeb is just going, going, and well gone. Problem with Rubio is he is green, and comes off as a Republican version of obama. Give him a few years and he will have the wisdom to go along with his verbal skills. Probably make a good VP.

          • H G

            Yeah, but hey, the GOPe is moving right a little bit if Rubio ends up the establishment candidate. Conservatives are making their presence known this election cycle. Very encouraging.

          • Warmac9999

            I would hope so, but as we see on the website anything that disturbs the “force” is seen as an enemy of the “force”.

          • QRow

            What Trump has done is fomenting fear to a degree that hasn’t been
            seen since the days after 9/11. He could most likely get us to seal our
            homes with duct tape and wear gas masks and bullet proof vests every day.
            Breaking into people’s homes, closing religious houses, etc.
            Is the US better off with this fear mongering?

            “Boots on the ground” is becoming a demand, yet, the young Wall Streeters do not
            sign up for military service. Who’ll go fight?

          • Warmac9999

            Well, France apparently feels that it is better off closing mosques that preach violent jihad and, frankly, such mosques are no more houses of worship than Fort Hood is a house of worship. An enemy can come in virtually any form, and to ignore that form is to commit your fellow citizens to injury and death. The Constitution was founded in bloody revolution and is certainly not a document that preaches suicide.

            As far as duct tap and gas masks, if we have the anticipated CBR attack there will be as big or bigger a scramble for them than is currently going on for self-defense weapons.

            Finally, we can still institute the draft. Just because you didn’tt have to sign up doesn’t mean that you won’t have to sign up. Last time it went from 18 to 26(?) but some fields it went to a higher age. And if you aren’t willing to fight for your country and your survival, then you can run to Canada as many leftists did with the Vietnam War. They should never have been allowed back but politicians of the left undid the punishments for desertion and betrayal.

          • Stephen Spiker

            Unfortunately, most of Trump’s supporters are old so the idea of sending young Americans to die won’t hurt his popularity with his base.

          • Warmac9999

            And most of them fought in wars such as WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan – and virtually all of them hate war. Most of today’s young Americans have benefitted from the sacrifices of these folks so you might just want to listen to them about things like threat and the nature of the enemy. I pray that you do not have to experience war, but it is coming and you are much like the Chamberlain supporters prior to WW-2 who desperately wished and pleaded for peace and found themselves dying in London as the bombs rained down.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            What party has a “limited government conservative” running?

          • H G

            So that’s why I take the time to read your comments. Keep ’em comin’.

      • Craig M Kilby

        Ken, seriously. You are Jewish. Think about how many Muslim terrorists you want to let come into this country. And don’t answer with “Well they’re not all terrorists.” I know that. But even one is one too many.

  • Downstater

    Muslim Mingle:

    Sayed Farook: Hello. I’m a young, good looking, 20-something who lives the good life here in sunny CA. I like ice cream, walks on the beach, and Jihad. Tell me a little about your interests, Tasfeen.

    Tasfeen: I also like ice cream. Can’t say anything about walks on the beach, because I live in Pakistan. Not many beaches here, but I also am really into Jihad.

    Let’s meet, marry, have a baby, and then blow ourselves up while we made war on
    the West. Oh, and I also make really killer hummus.

    Sayed: Sounds like a plan. Let’s get together. Whadda say?

  • Craig M Kilby

    This is quite rich coming from the leader of Israel, which does not allow [Muslim] people living in its occupied territories to vote at all. I will say it will be a refreshing change to have a POTUS who hasn’t gone and kissed the wailing wall.

    • Penguin

      Do we allow Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico to vote in national elections? But let’s single out the jews for winning a war they didn’t start, and pander to people who lament Hitler didn’t finish the job. Go to some jihadi website, jerk.

  • QRow

    Not to worry. Trump says he’ll talk with Netanyahu after he, Trump that is,
    is president.

  • H G

    This is a pretty good summary of the legal arguments for and against Trump’s proposal and deals with many of the alternatives we’ve discussed at great length on this site. Personally, the ideological test coupled with regional & muslim qualifications, sounds like a very good solution. Muslim immigration can continue and the lunatics who would seek entry legally are kept off our streets.

  • H G

    Islamic state issues yet another egregious order.

    By the way, those of you hell bent on stupid, quit with the pathetic efforts to associate Trump with Hitler, Nazis, fascists, etc. especially when the Islamic state bears such an abominable resemblance.

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